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#500428 - 01/07/19 02:35 AM Yellow perch as adults
Snipe Online   content

Registered: 10/26/18
Posts: 387
Loc: NW Kansas
I'm concerned about a couple of posts in another thread about YP not doing well without some 13'+ water and without having any data in my particular region on YP, I'm asking for some insight here.
First, in my 3/4 ac pond I went with cool water choices, SMB, RES and YP.
When I obtained my YP I was unable to get the desired number of fish I requested but took what they had.
My thoughts after fall sample were that maybe with the low density I had high enough growth that possibly would see a spawn-maybe only 1-2 females but shouldn't need more if conditions are proper.
I started second guessing my decision because I was worried about lack of forage if YP did not spawn, so I contacted a friend that raises YP for a few "pay-to-fish" operations and asked about getting a few larger females to make sure I'd have some eggs. At that particular moment of panic I didn't think about proper age or number of males so it is what it is.
Anyway, to my surprise, the females acquired are BAAARUTES!
14-17" fish with a couple pushing 2.5lbs.
My location is unique for KS, we are at 3700' above sea level and have exceptionally cool nights here mid summer-not uncommon to see 50's but usually mid 60's at night. Day temps slightly cooler than Denver CO believe it or not, but I'm concerned about survival, or potential to even raise adult perch now past that 11-12" mark.
My pond is 10.5' at the deepest point, full pool, I have no allowed fluctuation as I supply the pond with 52 degree well water (now with an oxygen infuser).
Although my pond's seal appears to be better than expected, it's still prone to wind and the evaporation as any pond is, so I was "hoping" that running 52 degree well water on occasion will keep those day-time temps at a more acceptable level for comfortable YP growth.
Am I expecting too much here?
I apologize for the seemingly uneducated concern here, and I've spoke to a couple of members here with other questions via PM but I do not want to abuse that function, and also, others may have the same question but not learn anything if I don't ask here.
Do you guys think maybe this will be something I can determine by checking water temps and DO in the hot days or will I be looking at the tried and tested sample data version called "time will tell"???
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#500458 - 01/07/19 07:10 PM Re: Yellow perch as adults [Re: Snipe]
DonoBBD Offline

Registered: 06/13/12
Posts: 1991
Loc: Ontario, Canada, Eh.
We find that our YP will go off the feed when the water gets too warm. It seams like after 65F water temp they slow down and at 75F at most half of the fish take the pellets every night. We did let the pond get to the 80's on year and it was like all the perch were just gone from the pond.

We now only run our air stations 12 hours per day and in the spring to heat the pond up we run them during the day. Once the pond is at 55-60F we turn them to run at night. This has allowed us to keep the perch on feed all summer long.

Cheers Don.


7/8th of an acre, Perch only pond, Ontario, Canada.

#500460 - 01/07/19 07:22 PM Re: Yellow perch as adults [Re: Snipe]
Bill Cody Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 04/18/02
Posts: 12817
Loc: Northwest Ohio - Malinta OH
According to your climate description of
we are at 3700' above sea level and have exceptionally cool nights here mid summer-not uncommon to see 50's but usually mid 60's at night. Day temps slightly cooler than Denver CO

you shouldn't have any problem raising YP. Those temperatures are ideal for growing YP.
I have questions about the stocker perch "14-17" fish with a couple pushing 2.5lbs." Do you know what foods these perch were raised on? Did the supplier tell you the age of 15"-17" perch? If you don't know the answers is there a way to get answers?

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#500468 - 01/07/19 10:07 PM Re: Yellow perch as adults [Re: Snipe]
Snipe Online   content

Registered: 10/26/18
Posts: 387
Loc: NW Kansas
I'm going back for a visit with my fishing equip here in a couple of weeks, meaning If I'm lucky enough to get a 14" plus, I'm going to pull otoliths and I'll be able to tell within a few days accuracy.
He tells me it usually takes 5 yrs to see them showing up over that 14" mark but I don't know, and haven't ask yet what the forage base is in either of the 2 lakes/ponds he has YP in, but I'm going to make a point to ask and I will add that back here.
On a side note, last week he said him and his 2 boys had caught 4 over 18" since ice-up. I don't ever expect to get anything to that point but was hoping for conditions such that 12-14" was doable.
I have sent a text to see if I can get an answer on food/forage a bit quicker than 2 weeks.. I'll post the reply I get back.
Edit: Ok, I got an answer back on forage base. He says the best of the 2 ponds for YP has a strong Bluegill population, a few walleye that rarely show much for reproduction and Good numbers of self-sustaining FHM and a few GSH. He does no supplemental feeding. He did say he gets the occasional crawdad in a minnow trap.
I guess nothing special there.. I would suspect there is something else present he doesn't know about, maybe..

Edited by Snipe (01/07/19 11:10 PM)
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#500469 - 01/08/19 12:08 AM Re: Yellow perch as adults [Re: Snipe]
Snipe Online   content

Registered: 10/26/18
Posts: 387
Loc: NW Kansas
Don, thanks for the reply on water temp observations..
I would wonder if by chance your local variety/strain of YP are more tempered to that area? Only reason I say that is in my research of YP in the nearest strain to that region closest to me, I find several data points suggesting YP growth tends to slow to a minimum at a surprising 50-52 degrees and also slows when reaching 80 degrees. But I've also found data that suggests SE variations can tolerate near 92 degree water with continued growth at a high rate above 85.
It would seem this perch can assume many faces depending on it's origin, especially in data points finding the YP as very tolerable of low D.O. compared to other species, yet "doesn't" tolerate higher temps in the central U.S., which leaves me wondering if some strains were transported too far out of their normal range, leaving an impression that this fish does not do well under "X" conditions.?
It seems to be tuff to get answers to something like that, such as I'm having trouble finding now with the closest source to me.
If nothing else, my data will only be as good as what I can prove.
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