This thread is for recording data on the Bluegill forage lengths encountered when LMB are harvested for management purposes. In particular, data from LMB > than 16" in length is most lacking. I recommend that anyone wishing to contribute to the data start a single post for each BOW they intend to report on. Background about the BOW, harvest statistics for BG, Survey results, creel and release records, and other types of data, though not required are also welcome and I would find a way to incorporate the inclusion of data at the level of detail provided. At a minimum, an BOW size in acres and LMB strain (Florida,Northern,F1) is requested.

Contributors are asked to update their post with stomach survey results for BG prey lengths of harvested LMB. Please report BG prey only. Please include the following:

Date of harvest,LMB Length,Length of each BG,...

So an example would be:


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