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#497576 - 10/16/18 11:12 PM One acre pond on hillside
unclewilco Offline

Registered: 10/16/18
Posts: 3
Loc: TX
I have an idea to build a one-acre pond at the bottom of a hill in Augusta, Missouri. See topo pic. Each contour is 20 ft. The pond water surface would be at an elevation of 770 ft. The top of the hill is 860 ft. The grade is 21% above the pond.
There is a run-off ravine heading into the pond (green line). A dam would have to be built. The dam would be somewhat V-shaped based on the topo lines and at its greatest height would be 40 ft tall, but only in the middle. Just beyond the pond/dam the valley begins. My property line would be about 70 ft from the dam and hopefully wide enough to allow enough build-up of dam material to terminate at the property line. Is this feasible? Recommendations on a builder? Any guesses on cost? Thanks for this forum and being able to ask pond questions! [img]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z0QCOlfgnxIjcF-NerVlMgJ7BBL3Dhwe/view?usp=sharing[/img]

#497600 - 10/17/18 11:30 AM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
Quarter Acre Offline

Registered: 06/10/16
Posts: 872
Loc: West Central Missouri
Welcome to the forums Wilco!

It sounds like you have a slightly off-the-norm pond plan, but nothing the professionals can't handle.

My novice concern would be the amount of watershed your pond would have. I cannot tell from your topo, but a one acre pond might require 10 acres of water shed...depending. You might be able to get by with less IF the rain runs off the hillside faster that it soaks in. I should not be advising you on this topic, actually. My point is...start with the water shed concerns too! Too little watershed and you have a one acre hole with 1/4 acre of water...not good. Or the opposite, too much water shed and the dam gets overrun too often.

Augusta is a beautiful area I am sure you will like it.
Fish on!,

#497614 - 10/17/18 03:47 PM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
Bobbss Offline

Registered: 10/27/16
Posts: 354
Loc: Jefferson County Missouri
Welcome to Pond Boss! I just had a pond built a little over a year ago, very much like your wanting to do, and not very far from where your want to do it. To add to what Noel said about the watershed, my watershed area is heavily wooded with very thick under growth, and it takes a big rain to get any run off. I've only had that 2 times since my pond was built. I do get good run off from the area they cleared to make the pond. We haven't had a lot of rain, so I'm still waiting for my pond to fill.
I'm not sure, but a 40' dam is pretty tall and will probably require a engineer and permits. I would think that will add a lot to the cost. If you have enough clay on hand or not will make a big difference in cost.
My pond is in High Ridge Mo., not very far from where yours will be, and should be .75 acre when full. Your welcome to stop by and take a look at it, and compare it to what you want to do.

I Subscribe To Pond Boss

#497655 - 10/18/18 03:35 PM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
unclewilco Offline

Registered: 10/16/18
Posts: 3
Loc: TX
Thanks for the helpful insight Quarter Acre and Bobbss. Bobbss, I may take you up on your offer! I just heard about permitting due to the Taum Sauk reservoir dam break. Not sure the cutoff in dam height but it may be in the upper 20 ft range. Also not sure how to calculate watershed, but by the look of the contour lines it may be about 6 acres. Sounds like I may need to do a smaller pond. Thanks again for the forum.

#497669 - 10/18/18 09:46 PM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
Bobbss Offline

Registered: 10/27/16
Posts: 354
Loc: Jefferson County Missouri
If you only have 6 acres of watershed, you would do better with a .5 acre pond. Your pond builder may be able to increase your watershed area.
Is your land open or wooded? If wooded, it will cost a little more to build.
From what I've learned from building mine, I think I would worry more about building it right and cleaning and leveling things up around it more than how big. I used all my budget trying to get it as big as I could. If you have a very large budget, then go for both.lol!

I Subscribe To Pond Boss

#497674 - 10/19/18 07:48 AM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
jludwig Offline

Registered: 05/14/11
Posts: 1456
Loc: Central Kansas
Go to your local NRCS office and they will be able to help determine watershed size.

#497678 - 10/19/18 08:24 AM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
DonoBBD Offline

Registered: 06/13/12
Posts: 1962
Loc: Ontario, Canada, Eh.
Man what I would give to have elevation where I could have two or even three ponds run from one to the next. The bottom pond would have my main predator fish and the ponds above would have the feeder fish. Say walleye in the bottom pond, yellow perch in the middle pond and shiners in the top pond. All over flow will take the feeder to the next pond.

It would take some time but would that not be the coolest?


7/8th of an acre, Perch only pond, Ontario, Canada.

#497681 - 10/19/18 09:44 AM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
Redonthehead Offline

Registered: 04/03/07
Posts: 199
Loc: Missouri
As noted above I highly recommend you contact the local NRCS office and find out if they can design the pond for you. I believe this is the office:

Not all counties in MO can do it, but mine came out and surveyed the land, flagged it, designed it, and gave me drawings to hand to a contractor (although we did it ourselves). MO is pretty easy going on regulations on small ponds - no permits required - at least in my county. Dam height over 21 feet required the regional NRCS engineer to look it over. Dam heights over 35 feet in MO step off into the deep end of regulations and permitting.

#497687 - 10/19/18 11:49 AM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
Bocomo Offline

Registered: 05/06/12
Posts: 1170
Loc: Boone County, MO (pond)
A 40' earthen dam is a serious undertaking. It's possible, but it would require serious consultation with a real pond builder as well as an engineer. Even 20' might be tricky with a 21% grade.

Would you be happy with 0.5 ac or less and fishing for species with limited reproduction, i.e. hybrid stripers?
Our old pond project (updated 4/11/17)
+Donate ('17)

#497699 - 10/19/18 04:42 PM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
unclewilco Offline

Registered: 10/16/18
Posts: 3
Loc: TX
jludwig and Redonthehead: Good suggestions from the NRCS. Just paid the office a visit. St. Charles, MO county requires 2 permits. One for land disturbance. The other for construction. And yes y'all are right, I need to stay below 35 ft, but using the topo maps, if they're accurate, I still think I can build a nice one. The guy at NCRS is doing a watershed analysis and offered to come out. He gave me a website for soil analysis. https://websoilsurvey.sc.egov.usda.gov/
It says most of the area is Holstein loam, followed by Gatewood-Gasconade-Crider loam. So need to find out about that soil. I found somewhere that Holstein is moderately permeable with high runoff, so idk. I'll be building a house out there and will have the guys dig a test hole to look closer at the soil.

#498246 - 11/01/18 10:04 PM Re: One acre pond on hillside [Re: unclewilco]
robjones Offline

Registered: 10/29/18
Posts: 36
Loc: Alabama
Well good luck with that and it will surely cost you an arm and a leg to pull it through. Keep us posted!


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