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#493949 - 07/19/18 08:29 AM Sourcing alternate genetics in Iowa
Walter Solbcheck Offline

Registered: 02/10/18
Posts: 8
Loc: Iowa
Hi All-

I am going to be going through Kevin B out of Cedar Rapids for the vast majority of my fish stock but would like to inquire about any well reviewed providers in neighboring states as well to at the very least diversify the DNA in this BOW.

I've used the search function to the best of my ability already but if any of you could/would like to help me make sense or point me towards threads where this is covered more in depth that I missed I sure would appreciate it.

A couple of more in depth questions. Should I make separate threads for these?

1) Does a northern Bruce Condello Strain Bass exist anywhere near Iowa?

By this I mean not necessarily Bruce himself, but the way he selectively bred multiple generations of the top 1% of BG to make the BC strain.

I know Florida genetics are not an option, but genetically superior northern strain that aren't marketing hype and backed by the PBF community I'm all over.

2) I've read about river vs lake genetics involving walleye being more suited to be stocked in the environment of their ancestors. Does this same common sense rule apply to SMB?

Has there ever been a study done on the DNA of SMB coming from the Dale Hollow area vs other parts of the country?

Again any genetically superior SMB that would do well in a quarry/pit I'm open to acquiring. If they have their ancestors coming from a natural lake close to me even better.

3) Papershell crayfish? I know crayfish are legal to possess in Iowa, but has anyone tried stocking them in an existing BOW? Any particular species do well in borrow pits/quarries in the IA/IL/SD/NE/MO areas?

4) What is the current status of the Condello strain Bluegill? Awesome story on selective genetics regardless. Can the public purchase some?

5) Longear Sunfish have been extirpated from Iowa, and other than one random event in 2014 where they were flooded into a state of Iowa fish hatchery bordering the Mississippi River they have been considered gone.

Does anyone know of a fish hatchery in Missouri or any nearby state that would be a wise choice to source from? I kind of want to go all Kevin Costner & Shoeless Joe Jackson on bringing these awesome looking sunfish back to Iowa.

I'm also open to Redbreast Sunfish, warmouth, or any other rare sunfish species that can handle local temps.

6) Spotted Bass? They are doing well in Lake Macbride which is nearby...

7) Boats aren't allowed on this BOW period. Can I get a DO reading through some other means? Ideas? Thinking about trout...

The Illinois State Record Spot came from a very similar BOW and was just plain freakish in size and was correctly identified as a spot.


I hope I didn't anger anyone with my noob post.

I'm managing a 20 acre borrow pit that looks to have amazing potential as well as a long history of 8+ pound largemouth coming from it which is rare in my area.

Would it be wise to make a separate thread where I can update my culling activities?


#493950 - 07/19/18 08:58 AM Re: Sourcing alternate genetics in Iowa [Re: Walter Solbcheck]
Acoursey Offline

Registered: 10/26/17
Posts: 53
Loc: West Lafayette, IN
I can tell you with 100% certainty that the IL spotted bass record was a largemouth bass. Same with Indiana's spotted bass record. They won't do well in an IA pond with largemouth bass present. Stocking redbreast sunfish may get you in some trouble with the IA DNR.

Edited by Acoursey (07/19/18 09:04 AM)

#493998 - 07/19/18 11:38 PM Re: Sourcing alternate genetics in Iowa [Re: Acoursey]
Walter Solbcheck Offline

Registered: 02/10/18
Posts: 8
Loc: Iowa
Yeah I've already got all my Ps and Qs sorted out for any public to private stocking matters.

Independent well water. This is the big one.

Has to be within the state harvest regs.

Private to Private, Public to Private is ok, but never ever anything to public. Iowa's DNR is already up against a wall and I have friends there. That is by far the last thing I want to do...

The Indiana state bass record is a freaking monster. One of the most impressive northern strain bass in the record book. Do you happen to know any of the why that bass came out of that particular BOW?

I made a google sheet with all the info I could possibly source on each states LMB state record and Indiana's really stood out.

I remember a pond boss article on state records from private ponds and a surprising number of spotted bass came from them. Perhaps a single sex stocking program?

What is the proper protocol for stocking existing lakes with RES? I'm open to suggestion as to how to best resolve the worms and spots in the bg and lmb.


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