With this latest nor'easter lashing the east coast, and a spate of unusually colder weather, we're all feeling a dose of winter. That's a good thing, biologically speaking. Ponds need rest, and nature needs a dose of frigid from time to time. While it may wreak havoc on some crops and some fenders get bent, nature's rest is an important time.

I just wanted to take a minute and say a big "thank you" to everyone involved with this forum. I remember way back, answering almost every question...and then guys like Bill Cody, and Theo Gallus, Eric West and Dr. Dave Willis came aboard. The braintrust has always been striking. Add some personalities as George Glazener and many others and the chemistry just meshed...or maybe sometimes we'd need a little cleanup when opinions clashed.

The forum moderators do an outstanding job, monitoring and policing this place to keep it as friendly as possible.

As we enter 2018 with both feet, I just wanted to offer a quick tip of the hat and a word of thanks to all the members, moderators and biggest fans that offer their knowledge, experiences, and expertise about all thing Pond Boss on this forum.

With our ever-changing society, political climate, and technology, we'll continue to strive to help the forum continue to be the "go to" source for people needing one-on-one help with their land and water.

Our first Facebook Live broadcast was last night, and went for about an hour. We covered lots of ground and had great input from viewers. Questions came at a good pace, and I missed a few...but answered them in writing after the broadcast. We plan to do it again next Wednesday at 6:30.

If you'd like to tune in to that broadcast, please do. We'd welcome any or all.

Bill Cody has again what he has done for years, summarized each issue of Pond Boss magazine for the entire year. See it on this thread: http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=484882&gonew=1#UNREAD

For subscribers (old and new) and those yet to subscribe, seeing these topics gives insight into what's available in the printed word. It's quite different than what this forum offers.

Last tidbit for today; our staff will be in touch with UBB to see what kind of updates they have available to make the forum more user friendly. We've held off because they have been working on new updates. So, we'll check in with them to see what's available and what it will take to improve the forum.

Please spread the word of the value this forum brings. I'd personally like to continue to see an upward trend of new members. We have lots of "lurkers" and we continually hear how much the forum has helped people in their quest for stewardship knowledge.

Happy New Year...and keep warm.
Teach a man to grow fish...
He can teach to catch fish...