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#336433 - 05/26/13 07:37 PM How much drainage is too much?
adafire724 Offline

Registered: 05/23/13
Posts: 14
Loc: Ada, Ok
I just recently aquired property behind my house (20 acres) that has a deeeep ravine, the creek sides are 12-15 ft tall. I had the NCRS man take a look and he told me that the ravine drains 320 acres and it was on the verge of being a flood control project. Said I could get done for 250,000 lol!! I decided to build a little pond instead. Is he right or do I need a second opinion?

#336468 - 05/27/13 07:00 AM Re: How much drainage is too much? [Re: adafire724]
RAH Offline

Registered: 05/17/09
Posts: 3750
Loc: Indiana, Boone County, 25 mile...
It depends on how fast those acres drain, but that is a lot of land draining into your ravine. If it were mine, I'd watch it for a few years and get some pictures during flood events. Our stream (legal drain) drains close to a square mile and I could not afford to install a proper dam (even if they let me). The amount of water that runs through during a flood is impressive.

#336472 - 05/27/13 07:16 AM Re: How much drainage is too much? [Re: adafire724]
kenc Offline

Registered: 11/07/11
Posts: 909
Loc: Aylett, VA
The NCRS man is correct as a trickle won't cut banks that deep. Maybe you could put a small pond to the side of the ravine and feed it from the ravine when it has water in it. Good luck.
Two ponds, 13 and 15 acres on the Mattaponi River.

#336475 - 05/27/13 07:43 AM Re: How much drainage is too much? [Re: adafire724]
FireIsHot Offline

Registered: 02/28/11
Posts: 3549
Loc: Emory TX
I would agree with kenc. Without getting into to much minutia, water is relentless and always tries to go in a straight line unless it hits a diversion. If the creek banks are gradually V shaped and meander, then I would be less worried than if they're steep and fairly straight. Historical water flow can be read, but it doesn't sound good.

My two thoughts are, yes get a second opinion from a reputable pond builder, and whatever water comes in a pond has to go out. Building an overflow/drain system adequate enough to handle that much water could be a nightmare, and very expensive.

Silt and nutrient load from that much water could be an issue also.

Good luck, and keep swinging at it. I bet there's a solution somewhere.

#339962 - 06/18/13 11:17 PM Re: How much drainage is too much? [Re: adafire724]
Hogfan Offline

Registered: 04/11/13
Posts: 19
Loc: Texas
To get a more accurate description, you really need to look at the peak flow from a given inch rain. A 300 acre flat, sandy watershed will flow much less runoff than a steep, predominantly clay 300 acre watershed. The NRCS guy is most likely correct though. 300 plus acres will likely be a lot of water in an 8 inch rainfall event.

My advice is to look for a smaller watershed to build on. Generally, a 300 acre drain will have a smaller tributary drain coming into it from the side that you could safely construct a dam across.

#459880 - 12/02/16 02:25 AM Re: How much drainage is too much? [Re: adafire724]
GeorgeFrank Offline

Registered: 12/02/16
Posts: 3
Loc: United state
I agreement it into my bottom that out-of-the-way from a least slope for a level waste drain line, there is as well a utmost. The plan being that if there is too much slope, the solid will drain left more rapidly than the solids and as a result the solids may sling up in the line.


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