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#443520 - 04/11/16 05:24 PM Enclosing my New Pole Barn
2Old2Soon Offline

Registered: 12/02/12
Posts: 128
Loc: Georgia
I just finished the first phase of my pole barn a couple of weeks ago and am planning to enclose it next month. Instead of using girts on the outside of the poles, I want to use conventional framing methods with the walls sitting on the concrete slab. I have two questions;

1. I plan to put house wrap directly on the studs and nail the Hardie Panels on top of that without sheathing underneath. Is this acceptable? Are there any negative consequences down the road?

2. My slab is pretty much on grade with very little elevation. Hardie Panel calls for 6 clearance above ground level as the edges will wick up moisture. My plan is to use PCV dimensional lumber around the bottom and set the siding on top of it (see pic). Again, any issues with doing it this way? Should I do it another way?

Thanx in advance for your input.


#443522 - 04/11/16 05:41 PM Re: Enclosing my New Pole Barn [Re: 2Old2Soon]
JKB Offline
Hall of Fame 2015

Registered: 12/03/09
Posts: 6692
Loc: Michigan
Cool!, but that would be a better question for your building inspector. He's the guy that has to rubber stamp the thing.

Local codes vary quite a bit within regions and the inspector involved, but maybe you'll get someone decent who ain't an authority nut. (making up his own rules) It happens more than you think!

#443531 - 04/11/16 06:39 PM Re: Enclosing my New Pole Barn [Re: 2Old2Soon]
Bill D. Offline

Registered: 10/19/14
Posts: 5707
Loc: Boone County Illinois
Nice looking building so far!

FWIW I guess I'm old school. I would probably throw up some OSB or other sheathing to back the cement board.

You'll never know what ya can catch unless you wet a line!

#443533 - 04/11/16 06:46 PM Re: Enclosing my New Pole Barn [Re: Bill D.]
stickem' Offline

Registered: 08/10/14
Posts: 972
Loc: S.E. Texas, Polk Co.
Looks very nice....no matter which way you go!
...when in doubt...set the hook...

#443536 - 04/11/16 06:56 PM Re: Enclosing my New Pole Barn [Re: 2Old2Soon]
dman Offline

Registered: 01/29/16
Posts: 24
Loc: S. IL.
I would read the warrany and be sure it does not call for sheeting. That is expensive material and I would not want you to void the warranty

#443594 - 04/12/16 08:01 AM Re: Enclosing my New Pole Barn [Re: 2Old2Soon]
TGW1 Offline

Registered: 09/19/14
Posts: 2575
Loc: Harrison Co. Texas
Nice Pole Barn Jerry smile are you going to have a living QTR in there?

Do not judge me by the politicians in my City, State or Federal Government.
Thank The Good Lord the government in Washington DC gets little done.
Outlawing guns will make a lot of us down here in the South
Outlaws and proud of it


#443712 - 04/12/16 10:15 PM Re: Enclosing my New Pole Barn [Re: 2Old2Soon]
Dan123 Offline

Registered: 03/31/16
Posts: 71
Loc: Cross City Florida
Without backing your hardee board it will be so wavy you might get carsick looking at it. You should at least pre- prime it before you stick it up. Might want to rethink this. Dan

#443719 - 04/12/16 11:18 PM Re: Enclosing my New Pole Barn [Re: 2Old2Soon]
John Fitzgerald Offline

Registered: 10/27/15
Posts: 2095
Loc: S. end of Elkins, Arkansas
House wrap needs backing to apply smoothly. It will be wavy, and if you have wind, it could rip off before you apply the Hardie panels. The top of that 1x4 PVC trim, if thicker than the panels, will catch rainwater which will wick into the bottoms of the panels. If you use OSB under the panels, that problem won't be there, as the thickness will be greater than the trim. If The Hardie board calls for six inches of clearance, then you should use 1x6 trim. I have a cabin where some of the panels are too close to the ground and have been damaged along the bottom by rainwater splashing up onto them.


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