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#36950 - 10/13/03 10:41 PM Lime & Muddy Water
fishinglth Offline

Registered: 05/15/02
Posts: 119
Loc: Dallas
I have about a 3 acre pond with an average depth of about 6 feet. This pond is approximately 40 years old and does have an average amount of silt for a 40 year old pond. This pond has always been clear and had good supply of various vegetation that always helped the water clarity. However, about 5 years ago the pond became real muddy (red west texas) and has not cleared. I read an article on this site that said to take a one quart mason jar and fill it with pond water and add a small amount of lime and see if it clears up, and it did. My questions are these:
1) I used hydrated lime for my test, the lady at the farm supply store asked me if I needed hydrated lime or lime with calcium. Which one do I need?
2)Any ideas on how much to try on this size pond for the first application?
3) What time of year would be best? I'm thinking early spring to give me the best chance of clearing the water so I can establish vegetation again, or does it matter when you do it?

Thanks for the help!

#36951 - 10/14/03 08:30 PM Re: Lime & Muddy Water
Ric Swaim Offline

Registered: 04/24/03
Posts: 1902
Loc: Surry Co NC
I believe it's 2 tons per acre. Agrculture lime is what you want. The Hydrated lime will work, I'm not sure but think 50# per acre sounds right. Doesn't take as much hydrated but will require more frequent applications ie: every 6 months or so verses 4 to 5 years with ag lime.
I think I'm right on this. Maybe someone can correct me if not.
Please check out the web site in my next post & note that applying hydrated lime cane be very dangerous to your fish!
Pond Boss Subscriber & Books Owner

If you can read this ... thank a teacher. Since it's in english ... thank our military!

#36952 - 10/17/03 11:36 AM Re: Lime & Muddy Water
Jim Courtney Offline

Registered: 08/28/03
Posts: 41
Loc: Batson, Texas
fish, try your test with gypsum also. Its working well on my test jug. I cleared a small pond with hydrated lime and killed all my moms gold fish.

#36953 - 10/17/03 05:24 PM Re: Lime & Muddy Water
Tom D Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/07/03
Posts: 8
Loc: Central FL
Any adverse effects on animals (dogs) after the lime application?

#36954 - 10/17/03 10:58 PM Re: Lime & Muddy Water
Ric Swaim Offline

Registered: 04/24/03
Posts: 1902
Loc: Surry Co NC
It would be very difficult to add enough lime to do harm. I suppose it could be done but you would problably die from exhaustion first. Here is a very good site re: liming.
Pond Boss Subscriber & Books Owner

If you can read this ... thank a teacher. Since it's in english ... thank our military!

#36955 - 10/20/03 03:37 PM Re: Lime & Muddy Water
Jim Courtney Offline

Registered: 08/28/03
Posts: 41
Loc: Batson, Texas
Put the gypsum in my pond this weekend. Not happy with the way I put it out. Started off mixing with water and throwing the water out. That was time and labor intensive. Went to just broadcasting (small pond). After it was done I noticed along the edge where I had dropped some that it had melted but was in little piles. I'm thinking the bottom of my pond has a bunch of little piles. Don't see how this is going to mix with the water.

#36956 - 10/22/03 10:21 PM Re: Lime & Muddy Water
ilovefishingmark Offline

Registered: 04/21/03
Posts: 271
Loc: mtn. home, arkansas
you need ag lime. don't buy it from the feed store...call your local dirt/gravel supply company...7 dollars per ton or say 70-80 bucks a dump truck load depending on the size of dump truck. i think ric s is correct..and i think the number may range from 2-4 tons per acre. so you would need about 6-12 tons. or about 1 dump truck (usually a 10 ton load) which would run you as stated in my neck of the woods 70-80 bucks. have them dump it in your water in flow area, then throw as much as you can out in the pond, leave the rest at the inflow...when you get rain it will wash it in...don't kill yourself spreading it nicely...the water will carry it in...at least it did for me. i threw out about 20 tons...then said screw it...and left the rest in the water inflow area. rained hard...washed the lime in nicely. i think there are some good chapters in the "Basic Pond Management" book offered from the home page...that's where i figured out how much to put in...and it did me right. one more thing, ag lime kinda feels like sand, and stays put pretty well from what i noticed. sooo, i wanted an area i could walk into the pond without getting all muddy, so put the ag lime about 6 inches thick about a 10 yard by 10 yard area...makes a nice "beach". call me crazy, but seems to feel nicer between the toes than the mud or clay!!!! plus, with time and wind...the wave and wind action trickles in the lime.

#36957 - 10/27/03 09:48 PM Re: Lime & Muddy Water
BrianC Offline

Registered: 04/18/02
Posts: 102
Most ag lime suppliers have spreader trucks......just find a few good spots around your pond, backem up......and let it fly (get out of the way cause it hurts like hell when it hits you).


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