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#33917 - 07/31/02 01:29 PM Rodeo, Reward, Aquamaster, or ?? for Cutgrass during drawdown
Frank Offline

Registered: 04/18/02
Posts: 369
Loc: Macon Georgia
My pond is drawn down 3 feet undergoing major renovation and repair of dam. I have a tall
grass growing in the exposed area. Someone identified it to me as cutgrass. I seek advice
on what to use to kill this: ROdeo, Reward, Aquamaster, 2,4-D, or something else??
There is a large price difference between these. Is is a matter of the least expensive

You can see photos of it at:


Book Owner and Magazine Subscriber 3 acre pond central GA

#33918 - 08/01/02 07:58 AM Re: Rodeo, Reward, Aquamaster, or ?? for Cutgrass during drawdown
John Monroe Offline

Registered: 06/03/02
Posts: 1105
Loc: East Central Indiana
I use to go to a large pond seminar in Southern IN with many speakers and this is what the main speaker said. "I shouldn't say this because I sell Rodeo but you can use Roundup in its place and just be a little more careful." I have two pond friends that use it all of the time without any harmful results. One of the things they use it for is to kill cattails and purple loosestrife.


#33919 - 08/01/02 09:25 AM Re: Rodeo, Reward, Aquamaster, or ?? for Cutgrass during drawdown
Bob Koerber Offline

Registered: 04/24/02
Posts: 470
Loc: Hartselle, Alabama
Hi Frank I also use Round-Up around my pond to keep the grass out of the Pea Gravel I have lining it. I just make sure that no rain fronts are expected for several days before I spray so it has a chance to do it stuff and not run into the water. Have not had any problems with plant that I have planted in the water or my fish.

#33920 - 08/02/02 12:04 AM Re: Rodeo, Reward, Aquamaster, or ?? for Cutgrass during drawdown
Kelly Duffie Offline

Registered: 04/19/02
Posts: 1478
Loc: Cypress, TX (Helena A-E LLC))
Technically, ROUNDUP PRO or ULTRA share the same active ingredient as RODEO, AQUAMASTER, AQUAPRO, AQUANEAT and other aquatic formulations of glyphosate (ie, the "active ingredient"). However, three BIG differences separate these products.
1) ROUNDUP PRO (and other terrestrial labeled formulations of glyphosate)generally contain 41% active-ingredient (or roughly 3 lbs. of acid glyphosate per gallon of formulated product). The aquatic labeled formulations contain 53.8% active-ingredient (or roughly 4 lbs. of acid glyphosate per gallon). So, the aquatic products contain approximately 25% more active-ingredient than the terrestrial versions.
2) The aquatic formulations DO NOT contain a surfactant (surface-active-agent, aka a wetting agent), while the terrestrial versions generally DO have some type and amount of surfactant within their formulation. In simple terms, the void left by witholding the surfactant from aquatic formulations allows for more active-ingredient to be concentrated into the bottled product. However, it IS necessary to ADD a nonionic surfactant to the aquatic formulations. BUT, don't use the "cheapest" commercial surfactant because it probably isn't much more than isopropyl alcohol and some fatty acids (both are very cheap components). If the surfactant smells heavy of rubbing alcohol, keep looking. Also, don't use "dish soap" unless NOTHING else is available. Dish soaps contain anionic surfactants and detergents that may be counter-productive to root control effects.
3) Finally, ROUNDUP PRO/ULTRA formulations contains a patented tallow-amine surfactant, which has reportedly caused clouding to the eye-covering of exposed fish.
All those details stated, you are completely safe and labeled to use ROUNDUP PRO down to the water's edge. But, direct applications of terrestrial products to aquatic sites are neither recommended - nor legal. Besides, if you'll calculate the differences between levels of active-ingredients, you'll find that the TRUE cost per pound of active-ingredient isn't as great as it first appears.
There are far too many folks out there making smug comments about "don't say I said this, but...". Stick with a product that is labeled for the site in which it will be utilized - and sleep well at night.
BTW: glyphosate will control cutgrass, although it is difficult to make a positive ID from your linked pictures. Cutgrass normally grows several feet in height around shallow ponds and ditch perimeters. It also lives up to its name!

#33921 - 08/02/02 09:51 AM Re: Rodeo, Reward, Aquamaster, or ?? for Cutgrass during drawdown
Dave Davidson Offline

Registered: 04/22/02
Posts: 1892
Loc: Hurst & Bowie Texas
Kellie, You said don't use dish soap as a surfactant unless nothing else is available. I've used it and sometimes coca cola. I spend a lot of time (and money) doing brush control using both Remedy and Round-Up. I have had varying degrees of success on post oak. What should I use? Are any common household products useful?

#33922 - 08/04/02 11:51 PM Re: Rodeo, Reward, Aquamaster, or ?? for Cutgrass during drawdown
Kelly Duffie Offline

Registered: 04/19/02
Posts: 1478
Loc: Cypress, TX (Helena A-E LLC))
Dave - as with aquatics, the "best" brush control products will vary depending upon several variables. TORDON 22K and REMEDY are two of the best foliar brush treatment products around. REMEDY may also be mixed with diesel and applied to the trunks of targeted brush/woody plants and obtain a very high level of root control. So, the questions to you would be: soil type? adjacent crops? target-plant/tree height and density? any other targeted species besides post oak? are you licensed? etc. etc.
Regarding surfactants: CocaCola? Definitely no. Dish washing soap? Use it only if you don't have access to, or ran out of a commercially produced surfactant that is designed for herbicide treatments.


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