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#196450 - 12/23/09 09:09 PM Feeders on Public Lake
deerstalker Offline

Registered: 08/25/08
Posts: 7
Loc: Georgia
I have six lakes in my sub-division from one to seven acres.
I was planning on putting feeders on a couple of them to grow larger fish, but is that feasable on public ponds, what I need to know is won't the fish,BG and LMB, congreate around the feeders at feeding time and be easily cought out by fishermen ?

#196455 - 12/23/09 09:41 PM Re: Feeders on Public Lake [Re: deerstalker]
Walt Foreman Offline

Registered: 05/20/09
Posts: 743
Loc: Columbia, TN
You might look into seeing who owns/controls the subdivision - is there an owner's association? Or is it just under the jurisdiction of the city? You could go to the proper authority and propose to set creel and size limits, and tell them you want to add some feeders which will drastically improve the quality of fishing for all; you might see if the state DNR would be willing to send an officer by the lakes somewhat regularly to check compliance with the limits. You could also patrol it yourself, and if you have friends who plan to fish the pond, work out a patrol schedule with them, alternating who does it on a given day.

The bass won't be easier to catch than without feeders unless one uses live bluegill for bait. The bluegill will be easier to find, but once they get big they won't just jump on a hook unless the presentation is correct, i.e. the average Joe that threads a worm onto a 1/0 hook under a life-preserver float on twenty-pound test will get laughed at by big bluegill, feeder or otherwise.

#196457 - 12/23/09 10:43 PM Re: Feeders on Public Lake [Re: Walt Foreman]
deerstalker Offline

Registered: 08/25/08
Posts: 7
Loc: Georgia
Thanks for input Walt.
Owners assn. is mainly interested in the swimming pool and getting grass cut.They pay someone a fairly large sum of money to apply fertilizer about four or five times per year to keep the weeds in the lakes under control but he does nothing to grow larger fish.
We do have catch limits, twenty BG, and five Bass per person.
I do the patroling, and after reading more articles, feel that perhaps we will be ok, as we are not that heaivly fished. I have suggested to the assn. that we add some type of supplimental feeding, but, it fell on deaf ears. I plan on putting out a feeder at my own expense and start feeding program.

#196463 - 12/23/09 11:38 PM Re: Feeders on Public Lake [Re: deerstalker]
Greg Grimes Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 05/03/02
Posts: 3973
Loc: Ball Ground, GA
Feel free to give us a call. We manage over 100 subdivision lakes in GA and many of these we are able to squeeze in a fish survey in the mgmt plan. This allows the HOA board to see the report and more likely to spent a litle $ on fishing.
Greg Grimes

#196479 - 12/24/09 08:23 AM Re: Feeders on Public Lake [Re: deerstalker]
Theo Gallus Offline

Registered: 05/14/04
Posts: 12332
Loc: Central Ohio
 Originally Posted By: deerstalker
... what I need to know is won't the fish,BG and LMB, congreate around the feeders at feeding time and be easily cought out by fishermen ?

The fisherman who learns to present a Stubby Steve's or other pellet lure properly (time, manner, and place) will clean up on whatever kinds of fish are eating the feed. That will mostly be BG, but any bass that learn to eat pellets (uncommon but it can happen) will also be susceptible.

Non carborundum illegitimatus!
(totus res in temperantia)

I subscribe, but won't pay Photobucket.

#196483 - 12/24/09 08:37 AM Re: Feeders on Public Lake [Re: Theo Gallus]
esshup Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 01/26/09
Posts: 24012
Loc: Grovertown, Indiana
That same fisherman will catch any common carp or goldfish around the feeder when using Stubby Steve's.

3/4 to 1 1/4 ac pond LMB, SMB, PS, BG, RES, CC, YP, Bardello BG, (RBT & Blue Tilapia - seasonal).


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