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#104544 - 01/09/08 07:32 PM Bring out the banana!
Bruce Condello Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 08/01/04
Posts: 8854
Loc: United States
After extensive research, and consultation with Indian guides, I have come to the conclusion that it's time to bring out the banana.

It's a well known internet fact, that if you use a dancing banana as an avatar that it will bring tremendous karma to ailing forums. It's obvious that something needs done.

So here it is.

Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104547 - 01/09/08 07:52 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
Brettski Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 10/07/05
Posts: 6925
Loc: Illinois
...come to Papa


#104548 - 01/09/08 07:53 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Brettski]
Bruce Condello Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 08/01/04
Posts: 8854
Loc: United States
Now that's what I'm talkin' about!
Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104565 - 01/09/08 08:50 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
Dwight Offline


Registered: 12/06/04
Posts: 5505
Loc: Minnesota
What is the significance of 7 in a 7 banana avatar?
Life is Good on Bremer Pond

Bremer Pond Weather

#104567 - 01/09/08 09:01 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Dwight]
Bruce Condello Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 08/01/04
Posts: 8854
Loc: United States
The avatar is actually only a single banana. It has to be that way.

The other six are there just for visual impact.
Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104568 - 01/09/08 09:31 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
Dwight Offline


Registered: 12/06/04
Posts: 5505
Loc: Minnesota
Why a single banana? Why does it have to be that way? There seems to be some significance here somewhere. The OxyContin-Vicadin cocktails Iím on make some simple concepts quite intriguing!
Life is Good on Bremer Pond

Bremer Pond Weather

#104572 - 01/09/08 09:41 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Dwight]
Brettski Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 10/07/05
Posts: 6925
Loc: Illinois
...why do banana and badger both have 6 letters?

#104573 - 01/09/08 09:52 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Brettski]
Bruce Condello Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 08/01/04
Posts: 8854
Loc: United States
 Originally Posted By: Brettski
...why do banana and badger both have 6 letters?

Holy smokes! Hadn't thought about that one. You know what else has six letters?...

Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104574 - 01/09/08 09:53 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Dwight]
Bruce Condello Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 08/01/04
Posts: 8854
Loc: United States
 Originally Posted By: Dwight
Why a single banana? Why does it have to be that way? There seems to be some significance here somewhere. The OxyContin-Vicadin cocktails Iím on make some simple concepts quite intriguing!

Single banana, or any odd number will do. Evidently if it was two bananas they would cancel each other out.
Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104578 - 01/10/08 12:40 AM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
burgermeister Offline

Registered: 02/27/05
Posts: 4025
Loc: Houston, Tx.
I've seen a rubber band
I've seen a peanut stand
I've seen a banana split

Only on PBF...if it will load. I hope to be back regularly in time for FATHEAD stocking!!!!!!!!

#104587 - 01/10/08 06:45 AM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: burgermeister]
Brettski Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 10/07/05
Posts: 6925
Loc: Illinois
Uh-oh...Dr Burger is in da house. Busted! Hand me the pointy hat.
(Dr Condello assured me that this would be good cabin-fever therapy. He is a Dr...right?)

#104599 - 01/10/08 08:55 AM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Brettski]
Theo Gallus Offline

Registered: 05/14/04
Posts: 12433
Loc: Central Ohio
Time flies like an arrow.

Fruit flies like a banana.
"Live like you'll die tomorrow, but manage your grass like you'll live forever."
-S. M. Stirling

#104621 - 01/10/08 12:21 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Theo Gallus]
jeffhasapond Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 07/28/06
Posts: 7613
Loc: Pond in No CA, Me in So CA
I would have never believed in the power of bananas until Bruce posted his forum fixing message. I was able long on in the blink of an eye. I believe that we should all pay homage to the banana. Everybody sing....

Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
Daylight come and he wan' go home
Day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day-ay-ay-o
Daylight come and he wan' go home

Work all night on a drink a'rum
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)
Stack banana till morning come
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)

Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)
Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)


"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."
...Hedley Lamarr (that's Hedley not Hedy)

#104622 - 01/10/08 12:44 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
Dwight Offline


Registered: 12/06/04
Posts: 5505
Loc: Minnesota
Six letter words that could be useful in fixing other, or related problems: ;\)

aahing aaliis aarrgh abacas abacus abakas abamps abased abaser abases
abasia abated abater abates abatis abator abayas abbacy abbess abbeys
abbots abduce abduct abeles abelia abhors abided abider abides abject
abjure ablate ablaut ablaze ablest ablins abloom ablush abmhos aboard
aboded abodes abohms abolla abomas aboral aborts abound aboves abrade
abroad abrupt abseil absent absorb absurd abulia abulic abused abuser
abuses abvolt abwatt abying abysms acacia acajou acarid acarus accede
accent accept access accord accost accrue accuse acedia acetal acetic
acetin acetum acetyl achene achier aching acidic acidly acinar acinic
acinus ackees acnode acorns acquit across acting actins action active
actors actual acuate acuity aculei acumen acuter acutes adages adagio
adapts addend adders addict adding addled addles adduce adduct adeems
adenyl adepts adhere adieus adieux adipic adjoin adjure adjust admass
admire admits admixt adnate adnexa adnoun adobes adobos adonis adopts
adored adorer adores adorns adrift adroit adsorb adults advect advent
adverb advert advice advise adytum adzing adzuki aecial aecium aedile
aedine aeneus aeonic aerate aerial aeried aerier aeries aerify aerily
aerobe aerugo aether afeard affair affect affine affirm afflux afford
affray afghan afield aflame afloat afraid afreet afresh afrits afters
aftosa agamas agamic agamid agapae agapai agapes agaric agates agaves
agedly ageing ageism ageist agency agenda agenes agents aggada aggers
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aiders aidful aiding aidman aidmen aiglet aigret aikido ailing aimers
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alible alidad aliens alight aligns alined aliner alines aliped aliyah
aliyas aliyos aliyot alkali alkane alkene alkies alkine alkoxy alkyds
alkyls alkyne allays allees allege allele alleys allied allies allium
allods allots allows alloys allude allure allyls almahs almehs almner
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amerce amices amicus amides amidic amidin amidol amidst amigas amigos
amines aminic ammine ammino ammono amnion amnios amoeba amoles amoral
amount amours ampere amping ampler ampule ampuls amrita amtrac amucks
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aneles anemia anemic anenst anergy angary angels angers angina angled
angler angles anglos angora angsts anilin animal animas animes animis
animus anions anises anisic ankled ankles anklet ankush anlace anlage
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anodic anoint anoles anomic anomie anonym anopia anorak anoxia anoxic
ansate answer anteed anthem anther antiar antick antics anting antler
antral antres antrum anural anuran anuria anuric anuses anvils anyhow
anyone anyons anyway aorist aortae aortal aortas aortic aoudad apache
apathy apercu apexes aphids aphtha apiary apical apices apiece aplite
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ascots asdics ashcan ashier ashing ashlar ashler ashman ashmen ashore
ashram asides askant askers asking aslant asleep aslope aslosh aspect
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assert assess assets assign assist assize assoil assort assume assure
astern asters asthma astony astral astray astute aswarm aswirl aswoon
asylum atabal ataman atavic ataxia ataxic atelic atlatl atmans atolls
atomic atonal atoned atoner atones atonia atonic atopic atrial atrium
attach attack attain attars attend attent attest attics attire attorn
attrit attune atwain atween atypic aubade auburn aucuba audads audial
audile auding audios audits augend augers aughts augite augurs augury
august auklet aulder auntie auntly aurate aureus aurist aurora aurous
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avidin avidly avions avisos avocet avoids avoset avouch avowal avowed
avower avulse awaits awaked awaken awakes awards aweary aweigh aweing
awhile awhirl awless awmous awning awoken axeman axemen axenic axilla
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azotic azukis azures azygos baaing baalim baases babble babels babied
babier babies babkas babool baboon baboos babuls baccae bached baches
backed backer backup bacons bacula badass badder baddie badged badger
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busmen bussed busses busted buster bustic bustle butane butene buteos
butled butler butles butted butter buttes button bututs butyls buyers
buying buyoff buyout buzuki buzzed buzzer buzzes bwanas byelaw bygone
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carlin carman carmen carnal carnet carney carnie carobs caroch caroli
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ceased ceases cebids ceboid cecity cedarn cedars cedary ceders ceding
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celled cellos celoms cement cenote censed censer censes censor census
centai cental centas center centos centra centre centum ceorls cerate
cercal cercis cercus cereal cereus cerias cering ceriph cerise cerite
cerium cermet cerous certes ceruse cervid cervix cesium cessed cesses
cestas cestoi cestos cestus cesura cetane chabuk chacma chadar chador
chadri chaeta chafed chafer chafes chaffs chaffy chaine chains chairs
chaise chakra chalah chaleh chalet chalks chalky challa chally chalot
chammy champs champy chance chancy change changs chants chanty chapel
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charrs charry charts chased chaser chases chasms chasmy chasse chaste
chatty chaunt chawed chawer chazan cheapo cheaps cheats chebec checks
cheder cheeks cheeky cheeps cheero cheers cheery cheese cheesy chefed
chegoe chelae chelas chemic chemos cheque cherry cherts cherty cherub
chests chesty chetah cheths chevre chewed chewer chiasm chiaus chicas
chicer chichi chicks chicle chicly chicos chided chider chides chiefs
chield chiels chigoe childe chiles chilis chilli chills chilly chimar
chimbs chimed chimer chimes chimla chimps chinas chinch chined chines
chinks chinky chinos chints chintz chippy chiral chirks chirms chiros
chirps chirpy chirre chirrs chirus chisel chital chitin chiton chitty
chives chivvy choana chocks choice choirs choked choker chokes chokey
cholas choler cholla cholos chomps chooks choose choosy chopin choppy
choral chords chorea chored chores choric chorus chosen choses chotts
chough chouse choush chowed chowse chrism chroma chrome chromo chromy
chubby chucks chucky chufas chuffs chuffy chukar chukka chummy chumps
chunks chunky chuppa church churls churns churro churrs chuted chutes
chyles chymes chymic cibols cicada cicala cicale cicely cicero ciders
cigars cilice cilium cinder cinema cineol cinque cipher circle circus
cirque cirrus ciscos cisted cistus citers cither citied cities citify
citing citola citole citral citric citrin citron citrus civets civics
civies civism clachs clacks clades claims clammy clamor clamps clangs
clanks clanky claque claret claros clasps claspt classy clasts clause
claver claves clavus clawed clawer claxon clayed clayey cleans clears
cleats cleave cleeks clefts clench cleome cleped clepes clergy cleric
clerid clerks clever clevis clewed cliche clicks client cliffs cliffy
clifts climax climbs climes clinal clinch clines clings clingy clinic
clinks clique cliquy clitic clivia cloaca cloaks cloche clocks cloddy
cloggy clomps clonal cloned cloner clones clonic clonks clonus cloots
cloque closed closer closes closet clothe cloths clotty clouds cloudy
clough clours clouts cloven clover cloves clowns cloyed clozes clubby
clucks cluing clumps clumpy clumsy clunks clunky clutch clypei cnidae
coacts coalas coaled coaler coapts coarse coasts coated coatee coater
coatis coaxal coaxed coaxer coaxes cobalt cobber cobble cobias cobles
cobnut cobras cobweb cocain coccal coccic coccid coccus coccyx cochin
cocked cocker cockle cockup cocoas cocoon codded codder coddle codecs
codeia codein codens coders codger codify coding codlin codons coedit
coelom coempt coerce coeval coffee coffer coffin coffle cogent cogged
cogito cognac cogons cogway cohead coheir cohere cohogs cohort cohosh
cohost cohune coifed coiffe coigne coigns coiled coiler coined coiner
coital coitus cojoin coking colbys colder coldly colead coleus colics
colies colins collar collet collie collop colobi cologs colone coloni
colons colony colors colour colter colugo column colure colzas comade
comake comate combat combed comber combes combos comedo comedy comely
comers cometh comets comfit comics coming comity commas commie commit
commix common comose comous compas comped compel comply compos compts
comtes concha concho conchs conchy concur condom condor condos coneys
confab confer confit congas congee conger conges congii congos congou
conics conies conine coning conins conium conked conker conned conner
conoid consol consul contes contos contra convex convey convoy coocoo
cooeed cooees cooers cooeys cooing cooked cooker cookey cookie cooled
cooler coolie coolly coolth coombe coombs cooped cooper coopts cooter
cootie copalm copals copays copeck copens copers copied copier copies
coping coplot copout copped copper coppra coprah copras copses copter
copula coquet corals corban corbel corbie corded corder cordon corers
corgis coring corium corked corker cormel cornea corned cornel corner
cornet cornua cornus corody corona corpse corpus corral corrie corsac
corses corset cortex cortin corvee corves corvet corvid corymb coryza
cosecs cosets coseys coshed cosher coshes cosied cosier cosies cosign
cosily cosine cosmic cosmid cosmos cosset costae costal costar costed
coster costly cotans coteau coting cottae cottar cottas cotter cotton
cotype cougar coughs coulee coulis counts county couped coupes couple
coupon course courts cousin couter couths covary covens covers covert
covets coveys coving covins cowage coward cowboy cowers cowier cowing
cowled cowman cowmen cowpat cowpea cowpie cowpox cowrie coxing coydog
coyest coying coyish coyote coypou coypus cozens cozeys cozied cozier
cozies cozily cozzes craals crabby cracks cracky cradle crafts crafty
craggy crakes crambe crambo cramps crampy cranch craned cranes crania
cranks cranky cranny craped crapes crappy crases crasis cratch crated
crater crates craton cravat craved craven craver craves crawls crawly
crayon crazed crazes creaks creaky creams creamy crease creasy create
creche credal credit credos creeds creeks creels creeps creepy creese
creesh cremes crenel creole creped crepes crepey crepon cresol cressy
crests cresyl cretic cretin crewed crewel cricks criers crikey crimes
crimps crimpy cringe crinum cripes crises crisic crisis crisps crispy
crissa crista critic croaks croaky crocks crocus crofts crojik crones
crooks croons crores crosse crotch croton crouch croupe croups croupy
crouse croute crowds crowdy crowed crower crowns crozer crozes cruces
crucks cruddy cruder crudes cruets cruise crumbs crumby crummy crumps
crunch cruors crural cruses cruset crusts crusty crutch cruxes crwths
crying crypto crypts cuatro cubage cubebs cubers cubics cubing cubism
cubist cubiti cubits cuboid cuckoo cuddie cuddle cuddly cudgel cueing
cuesta cuffed cuisse culets cullay culled culler cullet cullis culmed
culpae cultch cultic cultus culver cumber cumbia cumins cummer cummin
cumuli cundum cuneal cunner cupels cupful cupids cupola cuppas cupped
cupper cupric cuprum cupula cupule curacy curagh curara curare curari
curate curbed curber curded curdle curers curets curfew curiae curial
curies curing curios curite curium curled curler curlew curran curred
currie cursed curser curses cursor curtal curter curtly curtsy curule
curved curves curvet curvey cuscus cusecs cushat cushaw cuspal cusped
cuspid cuspis cussed cusser cusses cussos custom custos cutely cutest
cutesy cuteys cuties cutins cutlas cutler cutlet cutoff cutout cutter
cuttle cutups cuvees cyanic cyanid cyanin cyborg cycads cycled cycler
cycles cyclic cyclin cyclos cyders cyeses cyesis cygnet cymars cymbal
cymene cymlin cymoid cymols cymose cymous cynics cypher cypres cyprus
cystic cytons dabbed dabber dabble dachas dacite dacker dacoit dacron
dactyl daddle dadgum dadoed dadoes daedal daemon daffed dafter daftly
daggas dagger daggle dagoba dagoes dahlia dahoon daiker daikon daimen
daimio daimon daimyo dainty daises dakoit dalasi daledh daleth dalles
dalton damage damans damars damask dammar dammed dammer dammit damned
damner damped dampen damper damply damsel damson danced dancer dances
dander dandle danged danger dangle dangly danios danish danker dankly
daphne dapped dapper dapple darbar darers darics daring darked darken
darker darkey darkie darkle darkly darned darnel darner darted darter
dartle dashed dasher dashes dashis dassie datary datcha daters dating
dative dattos datums datura daubed dauber daubes daubry daunts dauted
dautie davens davies davits dawdle dawing dawned dawted dawtie daybed
dayfly daylit dazing dazzle deacon deaden deader deadly deafen deafer
deafly deairs dealer deaned dearer dearie dearly dearth deasil deaths
deathy deaved deaves debags debark debars debase debate debeak debits
debone debris debtor debugs debunk debuts debyes decade decafs decals
decamp decane decant decare decays deceit decent decern decide decile
decked deckel decker deckle declaw decoct decode decors decoys decree
decury dedans deduce deduct deeded deejay deemed deepen deeper deeply
deewan deface defame defang defats defeat defect defend defers deffer
defied defier defies defile define deflea defoam defogs deform defrag
defray defter deftly defuel defund defuse defuze degage degame degami
degerm degree degums degust dehorn dehort deiced deicer deices deific
deigns deisms deists deixis deject dekare deking dekkos delate delays
delead delete delfts delict delime delish delist deltas deltic delude
deluge deluxe delved delver delves demand demark demast demean dement
demies demise demits demobs demode demoed demons demote demure demurs
denari denars denary dengue denial denied denier denies denims denned
denote denser dental dented dentil dentin denude deodar depart depend
deperm depict deploy depone deport depose depots depths depute deputy
derail derate derats derays deride derive dermal dermas dermic dermis
derris desalt desand descry desert design desire desist desman desmid
desorb desoxy despot detach detail detain detect detent deters detest
detick detour deuced deuces devein devels devest device devils devise
devoid devoir devons devote devour devout dewans dewars dewier dewily
dewing dewlap dewool deworm dexies dexter dextro dezinc dharma dharna
dhobis dholes dhooly dhoora dhooti dhotis dhurna dhutis diacid diadem
dialed dialer dialog diamin diaper diapir diatom diazin dibbed dibber
dibble dibbuk dicast dicers dicier dicing dicked dicker dickey dickie
dicots dictum didact diddle diddly didies didoes dieing dienes dieoff
diesel dieses diesis dieted dieter differ digamy digest digged digger
dights digits diglot dikdik dikers diking diktat dilate dildoe dildos
dilled dilute dimers dimity dimmed dimmer dimout dimple dimply dimwit
dinars dindle dinero diners dinged dinger dinges dingey dinghy dingle
dingus dining dinked dinkey dinkly dinkum dinned dinner dinted diobol
diodes dioecy dioxan dioxid dioxin diplex diploe dipnet dipody dipole
dipped dipper dipsas dipsos diquat dirams dirdum direct direly direst
dirges dirham dirked dirled dirndl disarm disbar disbud disced discos
discus diseur dished dishes disked dismal dismay dismes disown dispel
dissed disses distal distil disuse dither dittos ditzes diuron divans
divers divert divest divide divine diving divots diwans dixits dizens
djebel djinni djinns djinny doable doated dobber dobbin dobies doblas
doblon dobras dobros dobson docent docile docked docker docket doctor
dodder dodged dodgem dodger dodges dodoes doffed doffer dogdom dogear
dogeys dogged dogger doggie dogies dogleg dogmas dognap doiled doings
doited doling dollar dolled dollop dolman dolmas dolmen dolors dolour
domain domine doming domino donate donees dongas dongle donjon donkey
donnas donned donnee donors donsie donuts donzel doobie doodad doodle
doodoo doofus doolee doolie doomed doowop doozer doozie dopant dopers
dopier dopily doping dorado dorbug dories dormer dormie dormin dorper
dorsad dorsal dorsel dorser dorsum dosage dosers dosing dossal dossed
dossel dosser dosses dossil dotage dotard doters dotier doting dotted
dottel dotter dottle double doubly doubts douche doughs dought doughy
doulas doumas dourah douras dourer dourly doused douser douses dovens
dovish dowels dowers dowery dowing downed downer dowsed dowser dowses
doxies doyens doyley dozens dozers dozier dozily dozing drably drachm
draffs draffy drafts drafty dragee draggy dragon drails drains drakes
dramas draped draper drapes drapey drawee drawer drawls drawly drayed
dreads dreams dreamt dreamy drears dreary drecks drecky dredge dreggy
dreich dreidl dreigh drench dressy driegh driers driest drifts drifty
drills drinks drippy drivel driven driver drives drogue droids droits
drolls drolly dromon droned droner drones drongo drools drooly droops
droopy dropsy drosky drossy drouks drouth droved drover droves drownd
drowns drowse drowsy drudge druggy druids drumly drunks drupes druses
dryads dryers dryest drying dryish drylot dually dubbed dubber dubbin
ducats ducked ducker duckie ductal ducted duddie dudeen duding dudish
dueled dueler duelli duello duende duenna dueted duffel duffer duffle
dugong dugout duiker duking dulcet dulias dulled duller dulses dumbed
dumber dumbly dumbos dumdum dumped dumper dunams dunces dunged dunite
dunked dunker dunlin dunned dunner dunted duolog duomos dupers dupery
duping duplex dupped durbar duress durian during durion durned durocs
durras durrie durums dusked dusted duster dustup duties duvets dwarfs
dweebs dweeby dwells DWIGHT dwined dwines dyable dyadic dybbuk dyeing dyings
dyking dynamo dynast dynein dynels dynode dyvour eagers eagled eagles
eaglet eagres earbud earful earing earlap earned earner earths earthy
earwax earwig easels easier easies easily easing easter eaters eatery
eating ebbets ebbing ebooks ecarte ecesic ecesis echard eching echini
echoed echoer echoes echoey echoic eclair eclats ectype eczema eddied
eddies eddoes edemas edenic edgers edgier edgily edging edible edicts
ediles edited editor educed educes educts eelier eerier eerily efface
effect effete effigy efflux effort effuse egesta egests eggars eggcup
eggers egging eggnog egises egoism egoist egress egrets eiders eidola
eighth eights eighty eikons either ejecta ejects ekuele elains elands
elapid elapse elated elater elates elbows elders eldest elects elegit
elemis eleven elevon elfins elfish elicit elided elides elints elites
elixir elmier elodea eloign eloins eloped eloper elopes eluant eluate
eluded eluder eludes eluent eluted elutes eluvia elvers elvish elytra
emails embalm embank embark embars embays embeds embers emblem embody
emboli emboly embosk emboss embows embrue embryo emceed emcees emdash
emeers emends emerge emerod emeses emesis emetic emetin emeute emigre
emmers emmets emodin emoted emoter emotes empale empery empire employ
emydes enable enacts enamel enamor enates enatic encage encamp encase
encash encina encode encore encyst endash endear enders ending endite
endive endows endrin endued endues endure enduro enemas energy enface
enfold engage engild engine engird engirt englut engram engulf enhalo
enigma enisle enjoin enjoys enlace enlist enmesh enmity ennead ennuis
ennuye enokis enolic enosis enough enrage enrapt enrich enrobe enroll
enrols enroot enserf ensign ensile ensoul ensued ensues ensure entail
entera enters entice entire entity entoil entomb entrap entree enured
enures envied envier envies enviro envois envoys enwind enwomb enwrap
enzyme enzyms eocene eolian eolith eonian eonism eosine eosins epacts
eparch ephahs ephebe ephebi ephods ephori ephors epical epigon epilog
epimer epizoa epochs epodes eponym epopee eposes equals equate equids
equine equips equity erased eraser erases erbium erects erenow ergate
ergots ericas eringo ermine eroded erodes eroses erotic errand errant
errata erring errors ersatz eructs erugos erupts ervils eryngo escape
escarp escars eschar eschew escort escots escrow escudo eskars eskers
espial espied espies esprit essays essoin estate esteem esters estops
estral estray estrin estrum estrus etalon etamin etapes etched etcher
etches eterne ethane ethene ethers ethics ethion ethnic ethnos ethoxy
ethyls ethyne etoile etudes etwees etymon euchre eulogy eunuch eupnea
eureka euripi euroky eutaxy evaded evader evades evened evener evenly
events everts evicts eviler evilly evince evited evites evoked evoker
evokes evolve evulse evzone exacta exacts exalts examen exarch exceed
excels except excess excide excise excite excuse exedra exempt exequy
exerts exeunt exhale exhort exhume exiled exiler exiles exilic exines
exists exited exodoi exodos exodus exogen exonic exonym exotic expand
expats expect expels expend expert expire expiry export expose exsect
exsert extant extend extent extern extoll extols extort extras exuded
exudes exults exurbs exuvia eyases eyebar eyecup eyeful eyeing eyelet
eyelid eyries fabber fabled fabler fables fabric facade facers facete
facets faceup faciae facial facias facies facile facing factor facula
fadein faders fadged fadges fading faecal faeces faenas faerie fagged
faggot fagins fagots failed faille fainer faints faired fairer fairly
faiths fajita fakeer fakers fakery faking fakirs falces falcon fallal
fallen faller fallow falser falsie falter family famine faming famish
famous famuli fandom fanega fanfic fangas fanged fanion fanjet fanned
fanner fanons fantod fantom fanums faqirs faquir farads farced farcer
farces farcie farded fardel farers farfal farfel farina faring farles
farmed farmer farrow farted fasces fascia fashed fashes fasted fasten
faster father fathom fating fatsos fatted fatten fatter fatwas faucal
fauces faucet faulds faults faulty faunae faunal faunas fauves favela
favism favors favour fawned fawner faxing faying fazing fealty feared
fearer feased feases feasts feater featly feazed feazes fecial feckly
fecula fecund fedora feeble feebly feeder feeing feeler feezed feezes
feigns feijoa feints feirie feists feisty felids feline fellah fellas
felled feller felloe fellow felons felony felsic felted female femmes
femora femurs fenced fencer fences fended fender fennec fennel feoffs
ferals ferbam feriae ferial ferias ferine ferity ferlie fermis ferrel
ferret ferric ferrum ferula ferule fervid fervor fescue fessed fesses
festal fester fetial fetich feting fetish fetors fetted fetter fettle
feuars feudal feuded feuing fevers fewest feyest fezzed fezzes fiacre
fiance fiasco fibbed fibber fibers fibres fibril fibrin fibula fiches
fichus ficins fickle fickly ficoes fiddle fiddly fidged fidges fidget
fields fiends fierce fiesta fifers fifing fifths figged fights figure
filers filets filial filing filled filler filles fillet fillip fillos
filmed filmer filmic filmis filose filter filths filthy fimble finale
finals fincas finder finely finery finest finger finial fining finish
finite finito finked finned fiords fipple fiques firers firing firkin
firman firmed firmer firmly firsts firths fiscal fished fisher fishes
fisted fistic fitchy fitful fitted fitter fivers fixate fixers fixing
fixity fixure fizgig fizzed fizzer fizzes fizzle fjelds fjords flabby
flacks flacon flaggy flagon flails flairs flaked flaker flakes flakey
flambe flamed flamen flamer flames flanes flange flanks flappy flared
flares flashy flasks flatly flatus flaunt flauta flavin flavor flawed
flaxen flaxes flayed flayer fleams fleche flecks flecky fledge fledgy
fleece fleech fleecy fleers fleets flench flense fleshy fletch fleury
flexed flexes flexor fleyed flicks fliers fliest flight flimsy flinch
flings flints flinty flippy flirts flirty flitch flited flites floats
floaty flocci flocks flocky flongs floods flooey flooie floors floosy
floozy floppy florae floral floras floret florid florin flossy flotas
flours floury flouts flowed flower fluent fluffs fluffy fluids fluish
fluked flukes flukey flumed flumes flumps flunks flunky fluors flurry
fluted fluter flutes flutey fluxed fluxes fluyts flyboy flybys flyers
flying flyman flymen flyoff flysch flyted flytes flyway foaled foamed
foamer fobbed fodder fodgel foehns foeman foemen foetal foetid foetor
foetus fogbow fogdog fogeys fogged fogger fogies foible foiled foined
foison foists folate folded folder foldup foleys foliar folios folium
folkie folksy folles follis follow foment fomite fonded fonder fondle
fondly fondue fondus fontal foodie fooled footed footer footie footle
footsy foozle fopped forage forams forays forbad forbid forbye forced
forcer forces forded fordid foreby foredo forego forest forgat forged
forger forges forget forgot forint forked forker formal format formed
formee former formes formic formol formyl fornix forrit fortes fortis
forums forwhy fossae fossas fosses fossil foster fought fouled fouler
foully founds founts fourth foveae foveal foveas fowled fowler foxier
foxily foxing foyers fozier fracas fracti fraena frails fraise framed
framer frames francs franks frappe frater frauds frayed frazil freaks
freaky freely freers freest freeze french frenum frenzy freres fresco
fretty friars friary fridge friend friers frieze friges fright frigid
frijol frills frilly fringe fringy frisee frises frisks frisky frites
friths fritts frivol frized frizer frizes frizzy frocks froggy frolic
fronds fronts frosts frosty froths frothy frouzy frowns frowst frowsy
frowzy frozen frugal fruits fruity frumps frumpy frusta fryers frying
frypan fubbed fucked fucker fuckup fucoid fucose fucous fuddle fudged
fudges fueled fueler fugato fugged fugios fugled fugles fugued fugues
fuhrer fulcra fulfil fulgid fulham fullam fulled fuller fulmar fumble
fumers fumets fumier fuming fumuli funded funder fundic fundus funest
fungal fungic fungus funked funker funkia funned funnel funner furane
furans furfur furies furled furler furore furors furred furrow furzes
fusain fusees fusels fusile fusils fusing fusion fussed fusser fusses
fustic fusuma futile futons future futzed futzes fuzees fuzils fuzing
fuzzed fuzzes fylfot fynbos fyttes gabbed gabber gabble gabbro gabies
gabion gabled gables gaboon gadded gadder gaddis gadfly gadget gadids
gadoid gaeing gaffed gaffer gaffes gagaku gagers gagged gagger gaggle
gaging gagman gagmen gaiety gaijin gained gainer gainly gainst gaited
gaiter galago galahs galaxy galeae galeas galena galere galiot galled
gallet galley gallic gallon gallop gallus galoot galops galore galosh
galyac galyak gamays gambas gambes gambia gambir gambit gamble gambol
gamely gamers gamest gamete gamier gamily gamine gaming gamins gammas
gammed gammer gammon gamuts gander ganefs ganevs ganged ganger gangly
gangue ganjah ganjas gannet ganofs ganoid gantry gaoled gaoler gapers
gaping gapped garage garbed garble garcon gardai garden garget gargle
garish garlic garner garnet garote garred garret garron garter garths
garvey gasbag gascon gashed gasher gashes gasify gasket gaskin gaslit
gasman gasmen gasped gasper gassed gasser gasses gasted gaster gateau
gaters gather gating gators gauche gaucho gauged gauger gauges gaults
gaumed gauzes gavage gavels gavial gavots gawked gawker gawped gawper
gawsie gayals gaydar gayest gayety gazabo gazars gazebo gazers gazing
gazoos gazump geared gecked geckos geegaw geeing geeked geests geezer
geisha gelada gelant gelate gelati gelato gelcap gelded gelder gelees
gelled gemmae gemmed gemote gemots gender genera genets geneva genial
genies genips genius genoas genome genoms genres genros gentes gentil
gentle gently gentoo gentry geodes geodic geoids gerahs gerbil gerent
german germen gerund gestes gestic getter getups gewgaw geyser gharri
gharry ghauts ghazis gherao ghetto ghibli ghosts ghosty ghouls ghylls
giants giaour gibbed gibber gibbet gibbon gibers gibing giblet gibson
giddap gieing gifted giftee gigged giggle giggly giglet giglot gigolo
gigots gigues gilded gilder gilled giller gillie gimbal gimels gimlet
gimmal gimmes gimmie gimped gingal ginger gingko ginkgo ginned ginner
gipons gipped gipper girded girder girdle girlie girned girons girted
girths gismos gitano gitted gittin givens givers giving gizmos glaces
glacis glades gladly glaire glairs glairy glaive glamor glance glands
glared glares glassy glazed glazer glazes gleams gleamy gleans glebae
glebes gledes gleeds gleeks gleets gleety glegly gleyed glibly glided
glider glides gliffs glimed glimes glints glinty glioma glitch glitzy
gloams gloats global globby globed globes globin gloggs glomus glooms
gloomy gloppy gloria glossa glossy glosts glouts gloved glover gloves
glowed glower glozed glozes glucan gluers gluier gluily gluing glumes
glumly glumpy glunch gluons glutei gluten glutes glycan glycin glycol
glycyl glyphs gnarls gnarly gnarrs gnatty gnawed gnawer gneiss gnomes
gnomic gnomon gnoses gnosis goaded goaled goalie goanna goatee gobang
gobans gobbed gobbet gobble gobies goblet goblin goboes gobony goddam
godded godets godown godson godwit gofers goffer goggle goggly goglet
goings goiter goitre golden golder golems golfed golfer golosh gombos
gomers gomuti gonads gonefs goners gonged goniff gonifs gonion gonium
gonofs gonoph goober goodby goodie goodly goofed googly googol gooier
gooney goonie gooral goosed gooses goosey gopher gorals gorged gorger
gorges gorget gorgon gorhen gorier gorily goring gormed gorses gospel
gossan gossip gotcha gothic gotten gouged gouger gouges gourde gourds
govern gowans gowany gowned goyish graals grabby graben graced graces
graded grader grades gradin gradus grafts graham grails grains grainy
gramas gramma gramme grampa gramps grands grange granny grants granum
grapes grapey graphs grappa grasps grassy grated grater grates gratin
gratis graved gravel graven graver graves gravid grayed grayer grayly
grazed grazer grazes grease greasy greats greave grebes greeds greedy
greens greeny greets gregos greige gremmy greyed greyer greyly grided
grides griefs grieve griffe griffs grifts grigri grille grills grilse
grimed grimes grimly grinch grinds gringa gringo griots griped griper
gripes gripey grippe grippy grisly grison grists griths gritty grivet
groans groats grocer groggy groins grooms groove groovy groped groper
gropes grosze groszy grotto grotty grouch ground groups grouse grouts
grouty groved grovel groves grower growls growly growth groyne grubby
grudge gruels gruffs gruffy grugru grumes grumps grumpy grunge grungy
grunts grutch guacos guaiac guanay guanin guanos guards guavas guenon
guests guffaw guggle guglet guided guider guides guidon guilds guiled
guiles guilts guilty guimpe guinea guiros guised guises guitar gulags
gulden gulfed gulled gullet gulley gulped gulper gumbos gummas gummed
gummer gundog gunite gunman gunmen gunned gunnel gunnen gunner gunsel
gurged gurges gurgle gurnet gurney gushed gusher gushes gusset gussie
gusted guttae gutted gutter guttle guying guyots guzzle gweduc gybing
gyozas gypped gypper gypsum gyrase gyrate gyrene gyring gyrons gyrose
gyttja gyving habile habits haboob haceks hacked hackee hacker hackie
hackle hackly hading hadith hadjee hadjes hadjis hadron haeing haemal
haemic haemin haeres haffet haffit hafted hafter hagbut hagdon hagged
haggis haggle haikus hailed hailer haints hairdo haired hajjes hajjis
hakeem hakims halala halals halers haleru halest halide halids haling
halite hallah hallal hallel halloa halloo hallos hallot hallow hallux
halmas haloed haloes haloid halons halted halter halutz halvah halvas
halved halves hamada hamals hamate hamaul hamlet hammal hammam hammed
hammer hamper hamuli hamzah hamzas hances handax handed hander handle
hangar hanged hanger hangul hangup haniwa hanked hanker hankie hansas
hansel hanses hansom hanted hantle haoles happed happen hapten haptic
harass harbor harden harder hardly hareem harems haring harked harken
harlot harmed harmer harmin harped harper harpin harrow hartal hashed
hashes haslet hasped hassel hassle hasted hasten hastes hatbox haters
hatful hating hatpin hatred hatted hatter haughs hauled hauler haulms
haulmy haunch haunts hausen havens havers having havior havocs hawala
hawing hawked hawker hawkey hawkie hawser hawses hayers haying haymow
hazans hazard hazels hazers hazier hazily hazing hazmat hazzan headed
header healed healer health heaped heaper hearer hearse hearth hearts
hearty heated heater heaths heathy heaume heaved heaven heaver heaves
heckle hectic hector heddle heders hedged hedger hedges heeded heeder
heehaw heeled heeler heezed heezes hefted hefter hegari hegira heifer
height heiled heinie heired heishi heists hejira heliac helios helium
helled heller hellos helmed helmet helots helped helper helved helves
hemins hemmed hemmer hemoid hempen hempie henbit henges henley hennas
henrys hented hepcat hepper heptad herald herbal herbed herded herder
herdic hereat hereby herein hereof hereon heresy hereto heriot hermae
hermai hermit hernia heroes heroic heroin herons herpes hetero hetman
heuchs heughs hewers hewing hexade hexads hexane hexers hexing hexone
hexose hexyls heyday heydey hiatal hiatus hiccup hickey hickie hidden
hiders hiding hieing hiemal higgle higher highly highth hights hijabs
hijack hijrah hijras hikers hiking hilled hiller hilloa hillos hilted
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holist holked hollas holler holloa holloo hollos hollow holmic holpen
homage hombre homely homers homeys homier homies homily homing hominy
hommos honans honcho hondas hondle honers honest honeys honied honing
honked honker honkey honkie honors honour hooded hoodie hoodoo hooeys
hoofed hoofer hookah hookas hooked hooker hookey hookup hoolie hooped
hooper hoopla hoopoe hoopoo hoorah hooray hootch hooted hooter hooved
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hubris huckle huddle huffed hugely hugest hugged hugger huipil hulked
hulled huller hulloa hulloo hullos humane humans humate humble humbly
humbug humeri hummed hummer hummus humors humour humped humper humphs
humvee hunger hungry hunker hunkey hunkie hunted hunter huppah hurdle
hurled hurler hurley hurrah hurray hursts hurter hurtle hushed hushes
husked husker hussar hustle hutted hutzpa huzzah huzzas hyaena hyalin
hybrid hybris hydrae hydras hydria hydric hydrid hydros hyenas hyenic
hyetal hymens hymnal hymned hyoids hypers hyphae hyphal hyphen hyping
hypnic hypoed hysons hyssop iambic iambus iatric ibexes ibices ibidem
ibises icebox icecap iceman icemen ichors icicle iciest icings ickers
ickier ickily icones iconic ideals ideate idiocy idioms idiots idlers
idlest idling idylls iffier igging igloos ignify ignite ignore iguana
ihrams ilexes iliads illest illite illude illume imaged imager images
imagos imaret imaums imbalm imbark imbeds imbibe imbody imbrue imbued
imbues imides imidic imines immane immesh immies immune immure impact
impair impala impale impark impart impawn impede impels impend imphee
imping impish impled impone import impose impost improv impugn impure
impute inaner inanes inarch inarms inborn inbred incage incant incase
incent incept incest inched incher inches incise incite inclip incogs
income incony incubi incult incurs incuse indaba indeed indene indent
indict indies indign indigo indite indium indole indols indoor indows
indris induce induct indued indues indult inerts infall infamy infant
infare infect infers infest infill infirm inflow influx infold inform
infuse ingate ingest ingles ingots ingulf inhale inhaul inhere inhume
inions inject injure injury inkers inkier inking inkjet inkles inkpot
inlace inlaid inland inlays inlets inlier inmate inmesh inmost innage
innate inners inning inpour inputs inroad inruns inrush insane inseam
insect insert insets inside insist insole insoul inspan instal instar
instep instil insult insure intact intake intend intent intern inters
intima intime intine intomb intone intort intown intron intros intuit
inturn inulin inured inures inurns invade invars invent invert invest
invite invoke inwall inward inwind inwove inwrap iodate iodide iodids
iodine iodins iodise iodism iodize iodous iolite ionics ionise ionium
ionize ionone ipecac irades irater ireful irenic irides iridic irised
irises iritic iritis irking irokos ironed ironer irones ironic irreal
irrupt isatin ischia island islets isling isobar isogon isohel isolog
isomer isopod isseis issued issuer issues isthmi istles italic itched
itches itemed iterum itself ixodid ixoras ixtles izzard jabbed jabber
jabiru jabots jacals jacana jackal jacked jacker jacket jading jadish
jaeger jagers jagged jagger jagras jaguar jailed jailer jailor jalaps
jalops jalopy jambed jambes jammed jammer jangle jangly japans japers
japery japing jarful jargon jarina jarrah jarred jarvey jasmin jasper
jassid jauked jaunce jaunts jaunty jauped jawans jawing jaygee jayvee
jazzbo jazzed jazzer jazzes jeaned jebels jeeing jeeped jeered jeerer
jehads jejuna jejune jelled jellos jennet jerboa jereed jerids jerked
jerker jerkin jerrid jersey jessed jesses jested jester jesuit jetlag
jetons jetsam jetsom jetted jetton jetway jewels jewing jezail jibbed
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jilted jilter jiminy jimmie jimper jimply jingal jingko jingle jingly
jinked jinker jinnee jinnis jinxed jinxes jitney jitter jivers jivier
jiving jnanas jobbed jobber jockey jockos jocose jocund jogged jogger
joggle johnny joined joiner joints joists jojoba jokers jokier jokily
joking jolted jolter jorams jordan jorums joseph joshed josher joshes
josses jostle jotted jotter jouals jouked joules jounce jouncy journo
jousts jovial jowars jowing jowled joyful joying joyous joypop jubbah
jubhah jubile judder judged judger judges judoka jugate jugful jugged
juggle jugula jugums juiced juicer juices jujube juking juleps jumbal
jumble jumbos jumped jumper juncos jungle jungly junior junked junker
junket junkie juntas juntos jupons jurant jurats jurels juried juries
jurist jurors justed juster justle justly jutted kababs kabaka kabala
kabars kabaya kabiki kabobs kabuki kaffir kafirs kaftan kahuna kaiaks
kainit kaiser kakapo kalams kalian kalifs kaliph kalium kalmia kalong
kalpac kalpak kalpas kamala kamiks kamsin kanaka kanban kanjis kantar
kanzus kaolin kaonic kapoks kappas kaputt karate karats karmas karmic
karoos kaross karroo karsts kasbah kashas kasher kation kauris kavass
kayaks kayles kayoed kayoes kazoos kebabs kebars kebbie keblah kebobs
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keeper keeves kefirs kegged kegger kegler keleps kelims keloid kelped
kelpie kelson kelter kelvin kenafs kendos kenned kennel kentes kepped
keppen kerbed kerfed kermes kermis kerned kernel kernes kerria kersey
ketene ketols ketone ketose kettle kevels kevils kewpie keying keypad
keypal keyset keyway khadis khakis khalif khaphs khazen khedah khedas
kheths khoums kiangs kiaugh kibbeh kibbes kibbis kibble kibeis kibitz
kiblah kiblas kibosh kicked kicker kickup kidded kidder kiddie kiddos
kidnap kidney kidvid kilims killed killer killie kilned kilted kilter
kiltie kimchi kimono kinara kinase kinder kindle kindly kinema kinged
kingly kinins kinked kiosks kipped kippen kipper kirned kirsch kirtle
kishka kishke kismat kismet kissed kisser kisses kitbag kiters kithed
kithes kiting kitsch kitted kittel kitten kittle klatch klaxon klepht
klepto klicks klongs kloofs kludge kludgy kluged kluges klutzy knacks
knarry knaurs knaves knawel knawes kneads kneels knells knifed knifer
knifes knight knives knobby knocks knolls knolly knosps knotty knouts
knower knowns knubby knurls knurly koalas kobold koines kolhoz kolkoz
kombus konked koodoo kookie kopeck kopeks kopjes koppas koppie korats
kormas koruna koruny kosher kotows koumis koumys kouroi kouros kousso
kowtow kraals krafts kraits kraken krater krauts kreeps krewes krills
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kussos kuvasz kvases kvells kvetch kwacha kwanza kyacks kybosh kyries
kythed kythes laager labara labels labial labile labium labors labour
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layout layups lazars lazied lazier lazies lazily lazing lazuli leachy
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length lenite lenity lensed lenses lenten lentic lentil lentos leones
lepers leptin lepton lesbos lesion lessee lessen lesser lesson lessor
lethal lethes letted letter letups leucin leudes leukon levant leveed
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livyer lizard llamas llanos loaded loader loafed loafer loamed loaned
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lowery lowest lowing lowish loxing lubber lubing lubric lucent lucern
lucite lucked luckie lucres luetic luffas luffed lugers lugged lugger
luggie luging lulled luller lumbar lumber lumens lumina lummox lumped
lumpen lumper lunacy lunars lunate lunets lungan lunged lungee lunger
lunges lungis lungyi lunier lunies lunker lunted lunula lunule lupine
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lushly lusted luster lustra lustre luteal lutein luteum luting lutist
lutzes luxate luxury lyases lycees lyceum lychee lyches lycras lyings
lymphs lynxes lyrate lyrics lyrism lyrist lysate lysine lysing lysins
lyssas lyttae lyttas macaco macaws macers maches machos macing mackle
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morphs morris
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#104625 - 01/10/08 01:12 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: jeffhasapond]
Bruce Condello Offline
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 Originally Posted By: jeffhasapond
I would have never believed in the power of bananas until Bruce posted his forum fixing message. I was able long on in the blink of an eye. I believe that we should all pay homage to the banana. Everybody sing....

Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
Daylight come and he wan' go home
Day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day-ay-ay-o
Daylight come and he wan' go home

Work all night on a drink a'rum
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)
Stack banana till morning come
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)

Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)
Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana
(Daylight come and he wan' go home)

That's a thing of beauty. I tried singing it, and I really enjoyed myself. In fact(oid), I can't stop singing it.
Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104626 - 01/10/08 01:13 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
Bruce Condello Offline
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I tried evaluating Dwight's post to see if it contained any inappropriate words, but I only got to the second line before I was worn out.
Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104628 - 01/10/08 01:22 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
jeffhasapond Offline
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I think "menads" is a bad word but I'm not sure.

At the very minumum it is not a very politically correct post. I believe they prefer the term "Little People." (as opposed to midget).

Edited by jeffhasapond (01/10/08 02:42 PM)
Edit Reason: To claify an issue that I unintentionally blurred and to have fun with the edit key now that the forums are fixed.

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."
...Hedley Lamarr (that's Hedley not Hedy)

#104629 - 01/10/08 01:23 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
Brettski Offline
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...time for more bandwidth on a new server

#104630 - 01/10/08 01:25 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: jeffhasapond]
Bruce Condello Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 08/01/04
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Loc: United States
 Originally Posted By: jeffhasapond
I think "menads" is a bad word but I'm not sure.

At the very minumum it is not a very politically correct post. I believe they prefer the term "Little People."

...as in "I failed to see the wiffle ball as it approached me at a blistering 60 mph. I should have protected...."

Ah, never mind.

Go ahead and moderate me. It was only a matter of time.
Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104632 - 01/10/08 01:30 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
Brettski Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 10/07/05
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Loc: Illinois


#104634 - 01/10/08 01:31 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Brettski]
Bruce Condello Offline
Field Correspondent


Registered: 08/01/04
Posts: 8854
Loc: United States
Holding a redear sunfish is like running with scissors.

#104636 - 01/10/08 01:39 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Bruce Condello]
jeffhasapond Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 07/28/06
Posts: 7613
Loc: Pond in No CA, Me in So CA
"Now that's funny right there."

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."
...Hedley Lamarr (that's Hedley not Hedy)

#104647 - 01/10/08 02:10 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: jeffhasapond]
Theo Gallus Offline

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Boy, I'm sure glad the Forum is fixed.
"Live like you'll die tomorrow, but manage your grass like you'll live forever."
-S. M. Stirling

#104649 - 01/10/08 02:11 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Theo Gallus]
jeffhasapond Offline
Field Correspondent

Registered: 07/28/06
Posts: 7613
Loc: Pond in No CA, Me in So CA
Me 2

"My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives."
...Hedley Lamarr (that's Hedley not Hedy)

#104650 - 01/10/08 02:32 PM Re: Bring out the banana! [Re: Theo Gallus]
Dwight Offline


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It isn't perfect as it cut my word list off at the m's. \:\(

If the demand is high, I can post the rest of the list in a second post. The Z list alone is impressive in it's own right.

I forgot, is this what we used to do before the forum broke?
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