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Have a half-acre pond with that averages approximately 8 feet deep overall. Pond is situated in heavy clay. Ph is 6 and the phosphate reading is 0 currently. I do not have a hardness reading yet. The pond is rather cloudy from suspended clay.
Adding agg lime will raise your pH, Alk, increase water hardness and may clear up your water. I used 5 tons for my 3+ acre pond.
When you say acre do you mean that's the pond size or acre-foot of water?
pond size. My first treatment was adding it by running water over the lime. You can do this be using a tarp and a water pump or just add it where water enters the pond. Or you can hire a spreader truck to back up around the pond and have them throw it out into the pond water. Here they will do a 6 ton delivery as a standard type load. Local seed and feed stores may have a contact number or are set up for that type of delivery.
You used dolomitic lime or calcium carbonate? Did you get the results you wanted?
Ha! I would just ask for agg lime. I suspect it was dolomitic but not sure right off hand. I know it was not cal carb. Do not use Hydrated lime. And yes, I did get the results mentioned above. In 5.5 yrs I have used around 11 tons due to water additions from rains and water well additions. Rains and your soils can affect your waters pH and alk
How long after liming with ag lime do you fertilize?
You are going to see this answer a lot. "IT DEPENDS" Suggest you go to the Forum List above, click and head to the Fertilization topic. Lots of info there.
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