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Posted By: 2catmom MI Lake Leader Institute - 05/18/09 03:01 PM
I drove up and back to Higgins Lake, and had a great Session One of the lake classes. We are a diverse group of 15, 6 gals, 9 guys, with all different backgrounds and interests. We had to try and figure out who everyone was, and the most popular water activity was fly-fishing and kayaking.
I met a participant by chance at Skips on Friday night, (I got a guy in Kalamazoo, he looks like Robert Redford, is 5 years younger than me but thinks I am younger than him, WOW!) an IT specialist who left his big job with a drug company to become a municipal wastewater manager because of his concern for these 100 ft. deep abandoned/shut down wells.
Another participant is a gravel pit owner (wants to turn a 12 acre gravel pit into a swimming lake) who is a former trustee, and get this ran for Drain Commissioner against the Commish we met, now that is interesting.
There are two guys from Trout Unlimited, the biologist from our BOS, a professor and an Entomologist, an Attorney fish guide, a Macroinvertabate (sp) collector, a water quality chemist and a few others. I have already staked my claim as official bad girl as I could not stay away during the 1-1/2 hour Michigan Water Withdrawl presentation - I woke up Sat. morning unable to hear out of my ears and totally congested. I know now that I have an allergy to Pine Pollen in the worst way. The Linda sitting next to me kept pulling my hair and poking me, but I couldn't stay awake. She did assure me that I didn't snore.
I am excited about the 4 night, 3 days stay at Kellogg Biological station, they said bring hip waders and it is a dormitory situation.....just like Rodney Dangerfield, I'm going back to school!

Bib Brando from PB got 72 blue gill here Saturday, and a bass I think, they all made it alive. I hope he gets more!
Posted By: Cecil Baird1 Re: MI Lake Leader Institute - 05/20/09 02:59 AM
Good for you Lynda. Make as many contacts and network as much as you can as you never know when they will come in handy.
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