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Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Buying 2.23 Acres with .5 acre pond by Dave Davidson1 @ 05/17/18 06:40 AM

Nice looking place. The first step is the environment. That's water quality. Check the alkalinity and PH. A swimming pool company can generally give you those numbers.
New Forum Member Introduction
Jump to new posts Re: Retired Pond Owner by Arkie @ 05/17/18 05:31 AM

Thanks for the welcome. The siphon is the primary drain and is an automatic start/stop. Unless there is a very heavy rain, the siphon keeps up with the overflow. The 36" drain pipe is necessary only once every two or three years.
Property Projects & Construction
Jump to new posts Re: Making Maple Syrup by basslover @ 05/16/18 07:54 PM

So a long time coming, but back in 2015 sprkplug was generous to share some of his Black Walnut Syrup. To prove that sometimes the turtle does indeed cross the finish line, this evening I opened the vintage March 2015 Black Walnut Syrup. DELICIOUS!
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: Stocking new pond & Koi? by Rainman @ 05/16/18 07:13 PM

Welcome to the forum BradyB!! 200 CC per acre is about double the high stocking rate, so I'd want to remove a lot after they reach eating size. As for Koi, adding them will almost guarantee a VERY muddy pond after they spawn the first time...they w
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Sparky by tubguy @ 05/16/18 02:48 PM

Happy belated birthday Bob-o!! Hope you had a great day.I was thinking about Cecil ,Tony ,and John earlier this week. They contributed a lot to the forum.I always made a point to read their posts . I was glad to see John Monroe post some impressive p
Pond Boss
Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday Bob-O!! by ewest @ 05/16/18 01:25 PM

Bob-O that is the best birthday reply post in my many years here !
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Building trout pond in Alaska? by liquidsquid @ 05/16/18 11:55 AM

I would think it is very feasible, as long as the pond was dug deep enough to have a reservoir of O2 during the frozen times (10-15ft?). Even better is if you managed to find a means to bring in O2-water like a small stream to keep the O2 replenished
Fly Fishing & Other Fish Species
Jump to new posts Re: EURYHALINE POND UPDATE by Bob-O @ 05/16/18 10:10 AM

Bobby, how come the fish out of the water seem happier than the brute that caught em.
Jump to new posts Re: Will feeding CC make them less predatory? by Clay N' Pray @ 05/16/18 10:07 AM

Originally Posted By: Quarter AcreThe majority of the crawdads were on the small side to begin with and once the 20 GSF that I added to the pond spawned and made many, many more GSF, recruitment of the crawdads was greatly diminished. The GSF were i
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: Diffuser Locations and Turnovers per Day??? by Quarter Acre @ 05/16/18 09:46 AM

Well, Vertex claims... "Lifting rate data represents total water flow recorded by independent testing and real world data collected by Vertex from installed aeration systems. Lifting rate varies significantly by air flow, water depth and other
Muddy water
Jump to new posts Re: Alum Kicks Clay Butt! by Ramennoodleking @ 05/16/18 07:06 AM

Thanks! Look forward to giving this a try. If I don't get any responses soon I think I'll just go out there and give it the old college try lol
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: How to drain a large pond to do a repair? Ideas? by GeorgeFrank @ 05/16/18 06:20 AM

All the same, which technique you went you must drain the lake if you can diminish the surface zones that will similarly lessen the misfortune because of dissipation.
Show off your catch
Jump to new posts Re: Is this an Israeli Carp? by Bill Cody @ 05/15/18 09:00 PM

Use some of the carp angling methods shown on YouTube. Look at hair rigs and baiting/chumming the carp.
Systems questions
Well thatís a great solution. I have no power at my pond, but youíve got me thinking. I wonder if I could tie in a deep cycle RV battery. Just sit it by the feeder. I still havenít swapped out batteries to see if that will fix my upper motor.
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: CNBG Growth Update by ColdSpringsFarm @ 05/15/18 12:58 PM

I decided to throw the cast net yesterday and get a bit more scientific with my growth rate monitoring. I was able to catch 12 fish and made an attempt to measure length and weight. out of the group I had 2 fish that were definitely RES, 2 that I st
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Got the new PB magazine! by anthropic @ 05/15/18 11:38 AM

Originally Posted By: ewestThere is an article on the history of pond mgt that is a must read !! I didn't know the connection between the Dust Bowl and the nationwide push for ponds. Fascinating stuff.
Creating habitat
Jump to new posts Re: Shallow Water Cover by FireIsHot @ 05/15/18 09:25 AM

Keith, they won't touch bermuda grass. They're a tad spoiled.
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: help fish stocking numbers for new pond by xraytrapper @ 05/14/18 11:54 PM

Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Plany ID by Redonthehead @ 05/14/18 08:30 PM

looks like a variety of smartweed
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: Extreme milfoil problem by Bill Cody @ 05/14/18 05:31 PM

Often it takes more than normal numbers of grass carp to control the milfoil and Chara especially when those weeds are abundant. I would start gradual with lower standard numbers per acre plus some chemical control then add more GC as time passes and
Jump to new posts Re: Small Bass Problem by Rainman @ 05/14/18 05:15 PM

Remove small and underweight LMB till your arms won't move...lol Once you get an LMB catch rate down to 1-3 an hour, you'll be catching much larger LMB. I'd want to treat the milfoil and chara before adding fertilizer if it were my pond!!! Just be
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Chinquapin are not warmouth. Right? by anthropic @ 05/14/18 12:43 PM

On one of his excellent facebook broadcasts, Bob Lusk identified chinquapin as warmouth sunfish. But when I was growing up, chinquapin always referred to shellcrackers (ie redeared sunfish), never warmouths. Did the Maximum Pondmeister misspeak, or
Hall of Fame
Jump to new posts Re: Hall of Fame 2018 by Pond Boss @ 05/14/18 11:56 AM

Lovnlivin!!! Thank you once again for your continued support of the Pond Boss Forum!!!
Identifying plants
Jump to new posts Re: Help Identify Please by Jacklegg @ 05/14/18 11:41 AM

Here are updated pictures of my pond plant issues. 94 & 96 are the same one "chara"? and the other one not sure of either. Looking for remedies. Note: These popped up after my removal of 75% of primerose in my pond. Thank you for t
Wildlife Management
Jump to new posts Re: Please assist with crawfish ID in NC by Bill Cody @ 05/14/18 10:38 AM

The white river cray belongs to a different genus (Procamparus) compared to the Chowenoke (Orconectes). The white river cray is very common and thrives in ponds. Typically the number and length of the antenna are not mentioned in my ID keys nor desc
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