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Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Nebraska Lake Management does it and I bet they’d be willing to travel there.
Jump to new posts Re: how to watch podcast and when is it? by jludwig @ 07/19/18 07:32 AM

Here is the link to the youtube channel: Pond Boss Youtube Also direct link to Facebook: Pond Boss Facebook
Sunfish-Including Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
Jump to new posts Re: Red ear spawning habits. by snrub @ 07/18/18 10:20 PM

I had some on beds around the last full moon in my RES/SMB pond. By their size I assumed it was small males just reaching maturity, but that is just a guess. I can rarely see any beds in my ponds till the water clears mid summer because of early alg
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: FA Fail by snrub @ 07/18/18 09:50 PM

To do much good in the battle against FA you need to start early. That means March in SE Kansas and maybe earlier in your area. The FA starts its growth cycle early on the bottom of the pond. By the time most people realize they have a problem they a
Questions & Observations
Nice work and great vids.
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: July-August issue of Pond Boss by ewest @ 07/18/18 06:02 PM

Here yesterday 7-17-18.
Identifying plants
Jump to new posts Re: Some sort of algae or pond weed? by anthropic @ 07/18/18 06:00 PM

Looks like chara or nitella to me. Does it smell musty/garlicky when you break it apart?
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Suprise, surprise, surprise! TFS by anthropic @ 07/18/18 05:03 PM

My viz is about the lowest it's ever been, around 30 inches. Gotta think all the Saharan dust is partially responsible, though. It's been proven to fertilize the oceans and I'll bet is doing the same in our BOWs.
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Facebook Live 7.18.18 by TGW1 @ 07/18/18 04:55 PM

I am running 6 Kasco diffusers 13/7 and this year I moved three of them to 6' of water in the 8' to 9' water depths. Bob L. suggested fish need cooler water in the summer depths. Last year I had 87 degree water from top to bottom to 11'. Is there
Creating habitat
Jump to new posts Re: Lilly Pads by FireIsHot @ 07/18/18 04:48 PM

Tracy, that area where the offshore lilies are growing is on a big flat. Before all the rain we've gotten over the last 4 years, we used to walk out there and fish so it was easy to plant them, but it was just a shot in the dark to see if they grew.
Selecting a site
Jump to new posts Re: New pond construction by Todd9696 @ 07/18/18 04:17 PM

I am also planning on putting in breaker rock on the waterside of the damn to prevent muskrats from digging into the damn. Would the top 10 feet in breaker rock of the damn be adequate to prevent muskrats from causing issues or would I need that roc
Muddy water
Jump to new posts Re: Alum Kicks Clay Butt! by Custom 68 @ 07/18/18 02:48 PM

what an amazing transformation!
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: Gast 0523 silencer/filter by Quarter Acre @ 07/18/18 12:28 PM

The filter I used was from McMaster Carr...part number 4369K31. I tested the amp draw with and without the filter and it was 0.1 to 0.2 amps higher with the filter in place. That seemed reasonable to me so I accepted it as "Good Enough".
New Forum Member Introduction
Jump to new posts Re: Hi from Scranton PA area by liquidsquid @ 07/18/18 11:51 AM

I doubt trees of that size will cause any dam integrity issues if you kill them off now. The problem is if you don't kill them, even mowing them off, the roots will continue to grow, just not as fast. Softwoods tend to have mostly surface roots, not
Building a dam
Jump to new posts Re: New Pond Construction In Jefferson Co, Mo. by John Fitzgerald @ 07/18/18 11:00 AM

Bob, we got lucky this morning, and an isolated shower dumped just over 1.6" of rain in 70 minutes. Sadly, no run off to speak of, but I did not have to water the garden this morning, and my irrigation storage tanks now have their full 550 gall
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: LMB Cull Rates for 20 acre IA Borrow Pit? by Matzilla @ 07/18/18 10:55 AM

Sounds a lot like https://muscatinecountyconservation.com/mccb-areas/deep-lakes-park/ I'm all for lending a hand depending on the travel time...shoot me some info. How well does the pit ice over? Icing bass can be very effective, so long as the fins
Selecting a site
Jump to new posts Re: Please Help Select Site Central NC by Johnnync @ 07/17/18 08:21 PM

Thanks for the tip on the book. I will definitely check it out.
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: Pond Weed Control and Dogs by FireIsHot @ 07/17/18 06:16 PM

BM61, GC can cause muddy water if the stocking rate is too heavy for the plants available to them. You stock yours at the same rate per acre that we do, and we don't have any turbidity either. I'm good with that. What's neat is to watch GC eat f
Creating habitat
Jump to new posts Re: Adding some cover by FireIsHot @ 07/17/18 06:00 PM

Mike, here's how I handled pallets. I just drove a t post in the ground, and covered it with galvanized pipe so the pallets could seek their own level.
Identifying plants
Jump to new posts Re: Another plant ID please by FireIsHot @ 07/17/18 05:45 PM

It's showing up here too. I have noticed that's it's popping around 18" down from the full pool waterline. It's strange I've never seen it in volume before. arrowhead varieties
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: Need help with Lily Pads by FireIsHot @ 07/17/18 05:32 PM

awlakes, IIRC Lotus, lilies, etc. can take a higher dose to control. We've had really good luck with it at the 100# per acre rate in shallower areas. No surfactant is needed.
Show off your catch
Jump to new posts Re: Summer time drop shoting for bluegill by Dinsmoreoutdoors @ 07/17/18 04:30 PM

Originally Posted By: MatzillaI love drop shotting gills in the summer time, especially in super clear water. Its the closest thing to ice fishing you can get in the summer time lol Right! im gonna try the same thing in the winter, being in FL that
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Stocking bullheads and other low DO fish by Quarter Acre @ 07/17/18 04:06 PM

After a day of traveling... So, if you can find crawdads that have eggs, a few installed will yield a good population to start the pond, but if you miss that time of spring just bucket stock your crawdads as you can find them. I can't really recomm
Product sources
Jump to new posts Re: Walk Behind Brush Mower Recommendations by Matzilla @ 07/17/18 02:23 PM

those briggs ohv 28 and 31 cu in motors are bullet proof so long as you keep them clean and change the oil often - only big problems are blown head gaskets which are very easy to change and valves needing adjustment...both are caused by overheating
Property Projects & Construction
Jump to new posts Re: What did you do at your pond today? by anthropic @ 07/17/18 01:22 AM

I've a good friend who still won't get a cellphone.
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