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Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: CNBG Growth Update by CMM @ 03/21/19 07:38 PM

That BG/RES (?) is very nice. Thanks for the updates.
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: stocking new south dakota dam by Quarter Acre @ 03/21/19 02:54 PM

You will definitely what to put spawning structure in for the FHM's. Otherwise their reproduction will be greatly diminished. I used about 18 pallets for my small 1/4 acre pond and that worked very well. Some use floating boards or styrofoam. I f
Building a dam
That's great
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: New Pond Owner...Need Some Advice by DrWizz @ 03/21/19 10:34 AM

I, like several of the members above, have fought cattails. I had a section of about 30 yards along the shore that they had overtaken. They are native, and have some benefit, but can get out of control quickly. When they get a little unruly I hit the
Creating the food chain
Jump to new posts Re: Types of crayfish by Quarter Acre @ 03/21/19 09:38 AM

Great info Canyon! I will add a very useful link to help identify the following species... Red swamp crawfish (Procambarus clarkii) White River crawfish (Procambarus acutus) Calico (papershell) crayfish (Orconectes immunis) Rusty crayfish (Orcone
Product sources
Jump to new posts Re: Dock Float Replacement by dred65 @ 03/21/19 09:30 AM

Thanks, great photos. Very helpful and much appreciated. Larry
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: eurasian watermilfoil by Journeyman @ 03/21/19 08:15 AM

Sonar looks like an attractive option. My reservation is not the price because it looks like a once and done for the season option. But, I'm not sure if I want to wipe out all vegetation completely for the fish's sake. My pond is sort of a kidney
Selecting a site
Jump to new posts Re: Pond builders in east texas by Kudu @ 03/21/19 05:13 AM

Thank you Anthropic
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Wanting to enlarge a pond in SW Ohio by Dave Davidson1 @ 03/21/19 04:31 AM

Willy, welcome to PB. How are the bluegills doing?
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Replacing my culvert by dlowrance @ 03/20/19 03:58 PM

Update to this string - I'm just shy of 24 months with the new oversized culvert and all is well. Even with all the big rains we've had this year the new 24" culvert is doing the job. Haven't seen it run more than 1/2 full yet. So my advice t
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday Smokey!! by Flame @ 03/20/19 03:40 PM

I will let you know. probably sometime in April and after Easter.Thanks
Types of fish to choose
Removal of the 850 YOY per ac was from removing every egg ribbon that I could find. There will always be a few YP ribbons in deeper water or among weeds that are missed. Expect about 20,000 to 30,000 eggs in a ribbon from a 9" YP. Males, even wi
Product sources
Jump to new posts Re: Finding a Hatchery that sells Bluegill SE Iowa by Kevin and Lori @ 03/20/19 11:20 AM

Bjornsen Pond Management in Cedar Rapids Ia. would be more than happy to take care of all your fish stocking. Contact Kevin at www.Bjpond.com
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Cold rainy days by bigpullerman @ 03/20/19 10:33 AM

I have finished all of reading of topics I had saved and I have kept 2 pages of topics for reference. There is a wealth of info on PBF because of all the experts that are here. Glad we have this place to figure out our ponds. Thank You to all those w
Pond Boss
Jump to new posts Re: Construction damage detection by Quarter Acre @ 03/20/19 10:09 AM

Micheal is phishing in a most tasteful way, but it is still an attempt to advertise on the forum. The posts by this person are common phishing attempts to get someone to ask "what do yo mean?", "what can be done?", etc. and the r
Jump to new posts Re: Bass Size - AquaMax Largemouth by Vortex 4 @ 03/20/19 09:52 AM

I'm starting with LMB too. My first bag was very oily. Oil seeped out of the bag. I got a second and it was oily but not as bad. The Purina rep told the feed store this was normal but I believe the rep has no idea about Aquamax. My feed store guy i
Wildlife Management
Jump to new posts Re: Another Cormorant thread by TGW1 @ 03/20/19 08:19 AM

I am seeing 2 to 6 cormorants on the pond daily and we visit the pond several times a day to detour them. but, yesterday afternoon I fish a little looking for the right sized cnbg to eat. Not the big ones and not the smaller sized ones. Just looki
Water chemistry
Jump to new posts Sharing Alkalinity and pH-what does it mean. by Snipe @ 03/20/19 01:39 AM

I recently acquired all of the testing supplies I thought I may need to monitor changing conditions. Yesterday I tested for Alkalinity and here's what I have.. WT: 47F pH: 7.4 KH: 7.5= meq/L 2.678= dKH 8.008= ppm: 143 I understand pH, and 143ppm but
Wildlife Management
Jump to new posts Re: Muskrat Control: by lmoore @ 03/19/19 04:07 PM

Odd that you wouldn't have had action yet if the 110s were in front of active den sites. Can you see a "path" in front of where you have the traps set? Active holes will commonly have a 4-6" wide lighter colored path in front of them
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Purina Game Fish Chow? by tim k @ 03/19/19 11:15 AM

Thanks - yeah I am only feeding BG
Fly Fishing & Other Fish Species
Jump to new posts Re: Finally got on the water! by CMM @ 03/18/19 08:31 PM

Originally Posted By: N.TexasHalfAcreWhat did you use to catch fish in that color of water? My pond looks like that for a few weeks after every rain and the fishing pretty much shuts down. I used a copper john, an olive sculpin pattern and a fly w
Creating habitat
Jump to new posts Re: YOY cover by Brad346 @ 03/18/19 07:43 PM

Thanks Bill and ewest for the input. I will try some smaller bundles too. I was keeping them tighter thinking about giving the FHM pockets to spawn in where the bass canít get them. Increasing my bluegill recruitment is my goal with this project.
Show off your catch
Jump to new posts Re: Pond Fly Fishing by FireIsHot @ 03/18/19 06:56 PM

Eric, Jame's HSB are pretty much the TX gold standard for me. I wouldn't feel right submitting that fish knowing it was a JV award. If I had known what the current record was, I would probably submitted it if a guest or my better half had caught it
Pond Boss
Jump to new posts Re: Bingís birthday by teehjaeh57 @ 03/18/19 02:39 PM

Happy Birthday Bing...sorry been on the road
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: troubleshooting an aeration system by Bill Cody @ 03/18/19 01:50 PM

Too high of air pressure such as 20-50psi and too much CFM will often damage rubber membrane diffusers; they are basically porous balloons.
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