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Jump to new posts Re: Green film after first time fertilizing by HenryCountyAL @ 09/22/18 11:32 AM

Thank y'all so much for your help. Its just so weird how it changes from day to day. I will be happy if its good to go when im ready to stock...and I hope we get some rain next week.
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: Which Bass Type - F-1 Tigers or Native by ewest @ 09/22/18 10:38 AM

Tracy I think you have a good plan and with a very thoughtful and well analyzed approach. It will be fun to see how it unfolds ! Flame if it gets to be a problem it can be fixed/reduced through management.
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: Aerating a 140 acre lake by Downrigger56304 @ 09/22/18 08:58 AM

Rain man you bring up a great point. I guess I won't know till I sample the water. I have called around and am not finding places that test lake water. Does anybody know a place I here that does this? I also would like to know if there are limiting
New Forum Member Introduction
Jump to new posts Re: Welcome to Pond Boss by bigpullerman @ 09/22/18 07:40 AM

Thanks Guys. I want to start a thread about my pond and what I have done with it and plan to do with it. How I have done some things and maybe ask a few questions. Post updates and any ideas I have about my pond. I was wondering under what category s
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts solar aerator for 1/2 acre pond? by Dilley @ 09/21/18 05:10 PM

Can anyone recommend a solar aerator system for a 1/2 acre pond? Or a good DIY system?
Muddy water
Jump to new posts Re: Alum Kicks Clay Butt! by 3X8 @ 09/21/18 01:21 PM

Thank you Rainman!
Water chemistry
Jump to new posts Re: New DO meter-results! by DonoBBD @ 09/21/18 08:42 AM

Originally Posted By: anthropicIt's rare, but I did see a case of a fish kill caused by excess DO. Northern lake with clear ice and no snow. I killed 10 breading pair of black lace angle fish after cleaning their tanks. I turned on the fill valve
Jump to new posts Re: Aquamax vs Game Fish Chow by TGW1 @ 09/21/18 08:21 AM

For 3 yrs I bought Cargills and had it shipped directly to the farm. I usually bought around 40 sks at a time of mixed size's. I had problems with mice, they loved that stuff. But a few months back I made a deal with my seed and feed store guy, wh
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Old Pond - New Life by Webster @ 09/20/18 04:19 PM

Originally Posted By: snrubWelcome to the forum Webster. Yupp, those are GSF aka greenies. My old pond was infested with them and they promptly ate the fingerling RES I stocked. The good news is, by adding CNBG or BG big enough the GSF can't eat th
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: RESxGSF hybrid by ewest @ 09/20/18 10:48 AM

Those are healthy fish.
Jump to new posts Re: Speaking of fertilizer... by ewest @ 09/20/18 10:46 AM

What is water temp.? If still above 70 you can add a little fertilizer. It is late but if warm will work. I would add no more than about 1/4 the normal amount. The FA was not caused by fertilizing this year as it started growing on your pond bottom l
Wildlife Management
Jump to new posts Re: New pond owner.. where to start by RAH @ 09/20/18 10:20 AM

Adult mosquitoes will gravitate to food sources which often hang out around ponds. Do you see larvae in the pond? We also get bitten a lot more away from the house in more "natural" habitats like the woods. Common mosquito species feed q
Property Projects & Construction
I love all kinds of water feature. I'm just an outside type of person. Love to see the waterfall pics when your done.
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Predator to prey size ratio by snrub @ 09/20/18 10:09 AM

Gregory finding the right balance of weeds in a pond is a challenging goal. At least it has been in my limited, short 5 years of pondmeistering. In my tiny nutrient rich 1/10th acre sediment pond I thought the water primrose was getting out of hand s
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Welp, my jellyfish are doin good ! by gregory @ 09/19/18 10:29 PM

Yea I'm gonna stay clear of that too
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Catfish problems by gregory @ 09/19/18 10:27 PM

If you'd of asked me what the last thing I would of thought of that I could've caught catfish on I wouldn't have said soap. But then again I'm sure soap wouldn't have even been on my list either !
Property Projects & Construction
Jump to new posts Re: Leak repair? by DonoBBD @ 09/19/18 07:51 PM

Originally Posted By: nehunterI would think you would need to make your fist or water side trench as close if not in the key way of your dam so water will not go around your new trench. Will need to be very careful so trench dose not fall in and cov
Questions & Observations
I think you did exactly the right things. Keep up the process until the water cools and plankton lessens. Please report back. Very high water temps lead to BG and LMB reducing activity and feeding.
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: How much water loss to evaporation? by jpsdad @ 09/19/18 08:59 AM

If you search for evaporation and precipation for your state you will likely find a website with relevant data. The average amount will depend on your location and in some states the data is quite detailed. The monthly data varies from year to ye
Wildlife Management
Al, good to know
Wildlife Management
Jump to new posts Re: fish are not feeding by Mike Whatley @ 09/19/18 05:30 AM

I would lean more toward it being visibility than water temp Al. My pond has seen weeks of 91* surface temps and it didn't severely affect the way my fish fed. Some days were a little off, but weather conditions can contribute to that. If you can h
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