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Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: algae and weed help needed by Bill D. @ 11/19/17 07:21 PM

FWIW I only apply Cutrine when the algae is actively growing. Check the bag/jug and it should provide a recommended minimum application temp. IIRC it is 60 but I'm old and my memory is not what it used to be!
Building a dam
Jump to new posts Re: New Pond Construction In Jefferson Co, Mo. by Bobbss @ 11/19/17 05:53 PM

I was planning on taking some pictures Friday after work but ended up working late and it was dark by time I got home.I went over Thursday when I got off early and blew leaves off the back of the dam until it got dark.They were starting to kill my yo
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Best Source For Large Redears............ by ewest @ 11/19/17 11:39 AM

Call Bob - he will know possible sources.
Jump to new posts Re: "policy" on old content resurrection? by ewest @ 11/19/17 11:37 AM

The only way to advance your mind is to challenge what you once knew. If someone wants to add stuff to an archive thread let one of us know so we can make it happen. The only reason they are mods only posts is we did not want them to be general dis
Sunfish-Including Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
Jump to new posts Re: How I fish for BG by snrub @ 11/19/17 01:37 AM

Sounds like a casting bubble would work good for that. casting bubbles
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Raising water level by RAH @ 11/18/17 09:32 PM

I have these outflow boxes on 2 of my ponds and in-line boxes on 2 of my wetlands. I keep the outflow boxes protected from UV and they have worked perfectly for many years. They are not cheap, but provide flexibility in adjusting water level. I al
Hall of Fame
Jump to new posts Re: Hall of Fame 2017 by Pond Boss @ 11/18/17 01:19 PM

Wings66!!! Thank you very much for your thoughtful contribution to the Pond Boss Forum!!
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Old Pond by farmallsc @ 11/18/17 09:15 AM

Originally Posted By: snrubFarmallsc my wife usually fishes for CC conventionally with a baited hook laying on the bottom (she likes to knit better than she likes to fish, so she can knit while she fishes for CC that way). I rarely do that type of fi
Building a dam
I just finished another pond with this same design. It is a small 1/3 acre pond. It has a watershed around 3 acres. So two 4 inch pipes should be enough. I just finished it mid September. So here are some pictures of that install with a little descri
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Feeding and water temps????????? by John Fitzgerald @ 11/17/17 06:41 PM

I'll explain how I fish for BG in the fishing sub forum on a new topic.
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Walt Overton is a mensch by farmallsc @ 11/17/17 03:21 PM

Their whole staff is great! I always text Shannon and tell her I'm on my way just to make sure they are open.
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: When to clean diffusers by wbuffetjr @ 11/17/17 10:43 AM

Tracy, It is very interesting how every pond is different. For whatever reason, my diffusers seem to have quite bit of "gunk" on them after one year.
Sunfish-Including Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
Wisconsin Fish has great photos of many fish along with very good data. http://www.seagrant.wisc.edu/home/Default.aspx?tabid=604 Take a look at Warmouth http://www.seagrant.wisc.edu/home/Default.aspx?tabid=605&FishID=157
Soil questions
Jump to new posts Re: Pond Mission Impossible? by snrub @ 11/17/17 08:25 AM

You have quite an interesting pond Perry.
Creating habitat
Jump to new posts Re: What size tires? by Steve12805 @ 11/16/17 11:39 PM

Thanks John, I will definitely incorporate some of your ideas. The fish highway and additional piles are definite musts. Will also prop open tires more.
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
To add to what bassmaster 61 said, I had an old pond over run with GSF. I turned it around by catching adult BG out of my main pond and putting them in the old pond. It took a couple years and now I can still catch some GSF but the BG by far dominate
Wildlife Management
besides scaring off the water turkey, the gator decoys have a really funny entertainment value....I never warn guests about the gator decoys...some see they are decoys, but others...lol...I can't tell you how many times people have come running up to
Creating habitat
Jump to new posts Re: Draining pond cause us to lose plankton by John Fitzgerald @ 11/16/17 10:47 AM

There are fish in the intermittent stream that flows about 330 feet south of my ponds, even way up the stream on the side of a hill. They are mostly Gambusia and Ozark Minnow, but fish nonetheless. It normally dries to small potholes from August un
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Fill a dry pond by TGW1 @ 11/16/17 07:11 AM

I wished I had a choice when it comes to elec provider. A little competition might keep cost down. My water well elec cost will run around 10 bucks per day for 65 gpm when down hole pump was new. I get a little less gpm after the pump being in the
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