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Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: 8 acre pond at 10,000' - lots of aeration ?s by DrLuke @ 05/19/18 09:10 AM

Here's hoping for some fish that survived! *fingers crossed*
Jump to new posts Re: Feeding from dock by tommyt @ 05/18/18 11:15 PM

Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: White Crappie Really Worse than Black in Ponds? by Pat Williamson @ 05/18/18 11:11 PM

I have a 5 ac pond with BCP CC LMB BC and BG and after 4 yrs the BCP have not got out of hand at all for whatever reason.in fact I think they have gotten off only one successful spawn. My point is that you need a predator(s) to keep them down . And l
Should I aerate?
Jump to new posts Re: When to start aeration??? by Bill Cody @ 05/18/18 09:07 PM

IMO your best compressor for your pond configuration is a 1/4hp rotary vane. It will run for 5 hrs on one kilowatt of electricity - 110 volts. Look into the GAST 0523 models of compressor. It will make plenty of air volume to readily mix your pond in
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Testing meat for consumption by John Fitzgerald @ 05/18/18 07:57 PM

I wouldn't worry too much about it unless there is known industrial or heavy agricultural pollution in your watershed. If it causes you to lose sleep, don't eat the fish. Older, larger, bass tend to have more contamination than small, young, on
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: New to ponds need help figuring out drain. by GAtransplant @ 05/18/18 05:43 PM

Siphon drain is a great solution, thanks! also reading back “pull up if you wanna start over” sounds like there are no half measures to that approach. Thanks a bunch folks!!
Show off your catch
Jump to new posts Re: 2018 post spawn perch. by Sunil @ 05/18/18 04:17 PM

That's some nice YP!!
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Old Strip mine pond by liquidsquid @ 05/18/18 03:36 PM

Well, I would be the more adventuresome guy myself and ride it out, you can always sterilize later! I would bet that the bullheads spawned and there is a ton of forage for the bass. Maybe not the FHM like hoped, but the BH instead. If lucky, the bass
Controlling unwanted plants
If I was in Mineral Wells my first call would be to Mr. Steven Bardin at Texas Pro Lake Management in near-by to you Comanche, Texas. Steven is an active member of the Pond Boss community and frequent speaker about ponds and fish management at Pond
Identifying plants
Jump to new posts Re: Help with ID Please by peachgrower @ 05/18/18 02:08 PM

Believe it to be smartweed. I looked at everything on A&M's site the looked similar. Water willow and Smartweed being the winners. The biggest difference are the willow leaves are opposite and the smartweed leaves are alternate. These are alt
Image Gallery
Jump to new posts Re: Crayfish monster. by DonoBBD @ 05/18/18 12:27 PM

Yes the food is good and it helps to have a setting sun lighting up the fish. This was taken after we had them off feed for about 60 days. It was Dec 8th. The shiners are doing very very well. Our Emerald shiners are re populating still. The boy
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: State record Green Sunfish one day maybe... by peachgrower @ 05/18/18 10:24 AM

Hey Jim, I was hoping you would pop in. Can you describe to me what you are seeing to reach your conclusion? I have many fish that look similar to this. What gen do you think it might be?
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Best Comprehensive Resources for Pond-Building by AR-Tenner @ 05/18/18 10:11 AM

Originally Posted By: jludwigYou might want to educate yourself on the pros and cons of having crappie in an impoundment of less than 25 acres. Lots of discussion on this forum about this particular topic. Thanks, and I am well aware of the inheren
Should I aerate?
Jump to new posts 1st summer w/aeration- what to expect? by Clay N' Pray @ 05/18/18 08:21 AM

I thought it may be beneficial to document our observations on what to expect on the first summer after adding aeration. A major increase in organic decomposition will certainly have some effects on the BOW. To keep apples to apples, my pond is an ol
Jump to new posts Re: Just starting to feed newly stocked pond question by Dave Davidson1 @ 05/18/18 06:56 AM

Agree with Ewest.
Selecting a site
Jump to new posts Re: Filling pond with well. by Dave Davidson1 @ 05/18/18 06:52 AM

I bet they weren't built by just pushing dirt. A properly constructed dam needs to be cored and filled with good clay. Then the soils and clay have to be "knitted" together. If not, a "seam" is left that lets water run under the p
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: Cheap DIY algae rake by snrub @ 05/18/18 12:23 AM

Nice job on the rake. I had FA almost that bad on my main pond a couple years ago. Not quite but almost. The trick I have found is getting started controlling it early. The tilapia are going to like the fresh fast growing stuff. Imagine if you wer
Controlling unwanted plants
Need someone to spray my 1 acre pond full of FA in KC area.
Creating habitat
Jump to new posts Re: The Pond Guy Trees and Spawning Discs Good? by basslover @ 05/17/18 10:20 PM

Originally Posted By: AR-TennerI was looking into the cost of making the stuff myself, and even if I were to sink in the time, it doesn't look like I could reproduce any of the "The Pond Guy" habitat like the Honey Hole trees, logs, and shr
Property Projects & Construction
Jump to new posts Re: Holding cage by peachgrower @ 05/17/18 06:04 PM

I have blues from Rex, and they will not survive the SW Arkansas winter. 45 degree water and they are gone...higher than that for other strains. "I can't follow their logic"...honestly, its the lack of logic they have. Closed minded and
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: phone app for embedded pics... by peachgrower @ 05/17/18 02:37 PM

Hey man, works great!! Thanks so much. Way easier than photobucket was.
Balance of plants in the environment
Jump to new posts Re: What plants to add to a pond in the south?? by anthropic @ 05/17/18 02:22 PM

Duck Potato produces beautiful flowers and was doing very well at my east Texas pond. Until the beaver ate it...
Building a dam
Jump to new posts Re: Building our pond in NE Missouri. by Acoursey @ 05/17/18 01:41 PM

Originally Posted By: SetterGuyOriginally Posted By: Acoursey Best ways to catch feed trained HSB--Fly rod with a small brown pellet imitation (brown egg fly), or soak some pellets in a plastic bag with water then mold around small hook below a floa
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: New system design questions by Quarter Acre @ 05/17/18 01:31 PM

Welcome Wildblue! I am in a similar situation as you...I have been designing my aeration system too. I have not installed it yet. Going to the hardware store after work to get more supplies. If you do not want electric at the pond then you are
Corrective stocking
Jump to new posts Re: asking for some pond advice by Waterman74 @ 05/17/18 01:07 PM

I think I may try the Eco 5 pump that some DIYers have used... Can someone recommend a diffuser for this pump?
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