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Balance of plants in the environment
I have added some as well, they are growing and multiplying. I just put some foam floaties around a hulahoop I had laying around and it is currently just floating around the pond. I will keep watch on them. Dave
Balance of plants in the environment
Jump to new posts Re: Botswana Wonder - Anybody know this plant? by Custom 68 @ 06/13/19 04:05 PM

Mike good luck with the lilies, I have a couple and like them and want to add more as I can. They can be a bit pricey. Dave
Selecting a site
Jump to new posts Re: Building a house next to my pond by RStringer @ 06/13/19 03:30 PM

Look for "2009 project of the year award"
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Grey pond color by Huntmaster @ 06/13/19 03:20 PM

Two years later and my pond is pretty darn clear now. We haven't caught any BH in some time (None last season) and the vegetation has filled in around the pond edges softening the wind erosion. So, not sure which one it was, but I'll take the clari
Muddy water
Jump to new posts Re: Gypsum by Clay N' Pray @ 06/13/19 02:13 PM

This pic was taken today. I add 800lbs of pelletized gypsum slurry each spring. If I did not add it, the entire pond would be that milky suspended clay color that is around the inlet.
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Thanks Teehjaeh57! by Bobbss @ 06/13/19 01:47 PM

Thanks Roger, I'll be happy with mine if I can get it to fill up and stay at least full enough to not give me to much trouble.
Controlling unwanted plants
Jump to new posts Re: Herbicide w/o Surfactant...? by TwelveSaints @ 06/13/19 01:23 PM

Brian, Tried the surfactant with just water, and maybe it helped, maybe it didn't. I still see something at the top, but I'm wondering like you said if it was actually the Weedtrine. What I remember about the day I sprayed the weedtrine is that i
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: Has anyone ever successfully stocked longnose gar? by saint_abyssal @ 06/13/19 01:21 PM

Originally Posted By: Mike WhatleyIf you want prehistoric....theres always the Bowfin (Choupique down here in the swamps). Small gape, ferocious fighters and actually not bad eating if you know how to cook them. Every bit as toothy too! And they get
Corrective stocking
Jump to new posts Re: Source for grown bluegills in Virginia by nvcdl @ 06/13/19 11:45 AM

Yes - the key was talking to Mr. Zett himself. I was suprised to find out that they do NOT pellet feed their fish - they live off the natural food in the ponds. Had hoped to get some bigger fish but in retrospec these fish are probably the best o
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: Building a house next to my pond by Vortex 4 @ 06/13/19 11:44 AM

My pond is less than 100 feet from the pond but it is also about 30 feet above it on a hillside. My issues have been with water coming down the hill from above during major rain events. Lots of dirt work to give that water a path to the pond withou
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Aeration startup. Is this normal? by Mike Whatley @ 06/12/19 09:21 PM

Thanks, but I'm by no means a "ponsmeister"!! Everyone sees things differently and those observations sometime generate discussion that can possibly enlighten even the most experienced. What may seem trivial might be of interest. We're al
Pond Boss
Jump to new posts Re: Happy Birthday, Big D! by Bill D. @ 06/12/19 09:13 PM

HBD Dwight! Hope it was an epic one!
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Changing Course - Old Pond, New Journey by Drew Snyder @ 06/12/19 08:37 PM

Several updates, and some questions below. Water quality update: Water continues to be extremely clear, actually getting even clearer as the season progresses. We can now see a rock pile and a barrel that were placed in about 8-10' of water. I had o
Balance of plants in the environment
Jump to new posts Re: Plant Trade Anyone? by Quarter Acre @ 06/12/19 01:22 PM

Originally Posted By: Mike WhatleyHey QA...How's those hyacinth doing so far? I have updated my Hyacinth thread here... http://forums.pondboss.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=507303#Post507303 But, they are reproducing as advertised.
Balance of plants in the environment
Jump to new posts Looking for lily pads... by dlowrance @ 06/12/19 09:56 AM

Anyone close to Central IL have lily pads they wouldn't mind sharing? I'm wanting to start some in some of my shallows....I know I can go buy them but like Quarter Acre said in a previous post - I'd rather meet some folks on this forum and talk pond
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Restoring a bluegill pond by Matzilla @ 06/12/19 09:33 AM

Back at it!!!! I hit up the pond last night to check things over and wet a line. GBH circled and squawked a few times, snapping turtle lost all of her eggs to 'coons - for the 3rd year in a row. My feeder creek completely blew out with all of the rai
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Grandmother's old pond. by Mike Whatley @ 06/12/19 07:54 AM

Doubt it would have much affect on hogs. They get food on their minds and nothing else matters!! Lol You never know till you try, tho
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Deconstruct/Fill in pond by Dave Davidson1 @ 06/12/19 06:08 AM

One potential issue MIGHT be the crud in the bottom going into a public waterway.
Building a dam
Jump to new posts Re: Interesting Dam Design........ by Dave Davidson1 @ 06/12/19 05:53 AM

Yeah, it's interesting. I find it odd that there doesn't appear to be a flood gate.
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: DIY aerators for a wastewater pond... HELP!! by EEEUSA @ 06/11/19 09:53 PM

OP, where are you based? If you are in the VA area, particularly near Mechanicsville we may be able to assist.
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: My ponds seem to be fishless.... by nvcdl @ 06/11/19 09:18 PM

Added 275 4"-5" bluegill to the pond this week. Have caught and eaten at least 80 crappie over last couple months I've owned the pond. The crappie fishing has slowed down in recent weeks but I have noticed that the crappie have been getti
Jump to new posts Re: Feed training around ducks? by JMac0912 @ 06/11/19 07:26 PM

I think if I can keep them away from the feeder before it goes off, itíll be fine. Just observed tonightís feeding and the gang was up close to the house - no problems, with several fishies showing up along with the turtles. I did strongly encourage
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: YP and BC only pond by saint_abyssal @ 06/11/19 06:15 PM

Originally Posted By: Bill CodyI would try the combo of Yellow Perch & Black Crappie only pond in a small pond that could be easily renovated because it is not likely to turn out as planned. We have to consider that crappie are more of an upper w
Water chemistry
Jump to new posts Re: New well - water chemistry ok? by Joey Quarry @ 06/11/19 06:06 PM

Actually, Snipe, you were incredibly helpful. It made me wonder, since I take EC readings of my water but I never used it for much more than a baseline because I never thought to convert it. 36 pages of reading and three new columns to my historica
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: A Pond Log by QA by SetterGuy @ 06/11/19 05:27 PM

There are some very big swirls when feeding. Not sure if they are from larger YP or SMB or the elusive HSB. My water has pretty poor clarity right now, so all I see is the swirl. I donít get a good look at any fish. Going to try hand feeding per
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