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Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: flathead and gizzard shad pond? by mattmonster1991 @ 01/19/19 12:05 AM

our spillway is super overpopulated with shad and whata great way t use them if i hada pond i could get a female or male and add in gizzard shad to feed them
Sunfish-Including Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass
Jump to new posts Re: Feed training Crappie by anthropic @ 01/18/19 09:53 PM

Perhaps hybrid crappie will prove more suitable to ponds, as they are much less fertile. https://www.bobluskoutdoors.com/news-updates/hybrid-crappie-small-pond-owners-dream-2018-12-4793
Soil questions
Jump to new posts Re: Burying Muck by poppy65 @ 01/18/19 07:59 PM

Muck is dense in nutrients. Some farmers around here will pay $12 a ton for it to enrich their soil. But put it on sparingly. It is "hot" enough to burn about any plant for a couple years if put on too heavily. I learned that in my gard
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Stocking Brook Trout in SW Wisconsin by AndrewT @ 01/18/19 02:15 PM

I am looking to stock some Brook Trout in SW Wisconsin. Does anyone know of any suppliers in that area? I already have a license and Brookies have historically done well in my ponds, they have just been neglected in the past few years. Thanks for
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts white crappie in a 2.5 acre pond by mattmonster1991 @ 01/18/19 11:46 AM

have a question about crappie in a small lake when i was a kid for 10 years i lived in a neighborhood with 3 ponds the middle one was the2.5 acre lake very deep pond. i use to fish it religiously but only ever caught bream and small bass but tons o
Soil questions
Jump to new posts Re: Dark loose clay by For the Family @ 01/18/19 02:22 AM

I am going to rebuild with clay. Im going to do this ONCE more.....and that's IT! on my 3rd try. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_Tm3TzVIWQ DARE TO DREAM. This is after a flood in 2018.
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: Muck liquidation and removal by cb100 @ 01/17/19 10:56 PM

Thanks for the response quarter acre .I looked at that post I have been pumping the muck out with a trash pump into an above ground pool let it settle and drain the water to my bait fish pond and dump the muck to a pit where I am making garden soil.
Systems questions
Jump to new posts Re: Aeration System by Mike Whatley @ 01/17/19 05:58 PM

I cant give any specific information on either of those systems, but I can say this... make sure your pump is rated to perform to at least the depths you intend to set your diffusers, and if possible, at a greater depth. If the pump is rated for 12
Evaluating and adjusting fish populations
Jump to new posts Re: Managing Bull Head without predators: by bigpullerman @ 01/17/19 03:28 PM

I have been adding them to my pond over the past several years and my son had added some over 10 yrs ago. I have yet to catch any. I did see a cloud of fry this past summer. I was hoping to get them started but all those hungry LMB in there may just
Property Projects & Construction
There was one called family farm.
Systems questions
Sorry I was trying to open a new thread I guess I need to keep trying to figure out how.
Renovating a Pond or Lake?
Jump to new posts Re: Rebuilding 15 acre impoundment by Snipe @ 01/16/19 09:59 PM

I used to live in Joplin, MO. for 8 years I made about 3 trips a week through your neck of the woods. My Daughter is back living in Joplin now, so I foresee a few trips back and forth soon.
Show off your catch
Jump to new posts Re: 2019 ice fishing by Pat Williamson @ 01/16/19 09:03 PM

Good looking fish.... Iím jealous
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Saugeye info by Mike Whatley @ 01/16/19 04:41 PM

I had to take some serious emergency steps because I didn't have aeration installed yet. Backed my gatortail mud motor into the pond and fired it up to circulate the water. It did a fantastic job of creating a good current around the pond and lowerin
Types of fish to choose
Jump to new posts Re: Why not Walleye? by anthropic @ 01/16/19 04:34 PM

Originally Posted By: snrubAnd sometimes the learning process IS the end game. As we retire and no longer have an active work life, we have to find novel ways to entertain ourselves. Seeking out off the wall projects sometimes fills that need. We mig
Questions & Observations
Jump to new posts Re: Cold rainy days by bigpullerman @ 01/16/19 01:03 PM

canyoncreek Not bad now but this weekend is suppose to turn colder. Lows in the 20s. I know that is not much for yall up north. We have been pretty seasonable with lots of rain. Highs 40-50s lows in the 30s. Just too muddy to do anything around the p
Wildlife Management
Jump to new posts Re: Ideal Pond gun? by TGW1 @ 01/16/19 08:04 AM

Originally Posted By: wannapond0001You guys are cruel with the wildlife. They're just trying to survive like the rest of us. I used to think that way. I taught my family to never kill anything they did not plan on eating. But I have learned as a
New Forum Member Introduction
Jump to new posts Re: New pond owner! by wannapond0001 @ 01/15/19 03:24 PM

Actually I was serious I like carp for eating. They're just too expensive though...I'm going to keep at least 2 though.
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